Blogger Vs WordPress Which Blogging Platform best?

Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform Can You Choose?

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger Vs WordPress Which Blogging Platform best?-There are many blogging platforms, where you can easily manage your blog and content. But the question arises as to which blogging platform is right for you; Blogger vs WordPress vs Tumbler? These are just 3 popular platforms, but apart from this there are many more. We can’t talk about it at all, but we will talk about 2 popular blogging platforms, namely WordPress and Blogger. Initially many bloggers use Blogger (Blogspot) and later switch to WordPress. This is not to say that Bloggspot is not good. Even today there are many popular blogs, located on the blogspot platform.

There are 2 versions of WordPress; The first is and the other is One is free and the other is for you. We’ll talk about your WordPress blog standalone in this post. So let’s get started, which blogging platform is best; Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger Vs WordPress Which Blogging Platform best?


Blogger was started by a company called Pyra Labs and Google bought it in 2003. Now or is Google property. All its documents and data are stored on Google, and you can’t access its server. If you have a Google Account you can easily open your blog. With one account you can create up to 100 blogs. But while it stays on Google servers, it means that Google can delete your account whenever it wants, and you can’t even claim it.

In Self Hosted WP, ​​you must install WordPress software on the host. He is a happy owner. You can use it whenever you want, and you can turn it off whenever you want. You will have your data, which you can later transfer to another host.


A simple management plan comes with each blog on Blogger, so you can easily manage your blog. But if you want to add something to your account, it is impossible. Given the many options in it, you will have to work on that.

WordPress is open source software. This means you can customize it and add features to whatever you want. If you want to create your company website, you can easily set it up with WordPress. There are many plugins on, which offer new features to your blog. Plugins By doing this, you can make many changes to your blog without touching the coding.


I’m talking about templates. A template is a design, which you can change the look of your blog by doing. Speaking of Blogspot, there are very few official templates in it, but it is impossible for a beginner to change its appearance according to your wishes. There are many unofficial websites that offer free templates and premium versions, but they come in very low quality. By using them, you and your users will not get the feeling of premium.

There are many free and premium templates available for the WP blog or website. Whether it’s your blog or your company’s website, you’ll find a better design theme than one. You are using someone who can give your blog the look you want. And changing WordPress themes is easier than blogspot.


Google is the world’s leading website and the blogger platform is hosted on its own server. If you make your blog on Blogspot, then you will get the benefit of Google’s secure security. No one will be able to hack your blog easily and Google will easily manage any traffic you want. This means that your blog will never go down because of too many visitors.

WordPress is also very secure, but you should always take care of its security. If you host it with limited resources, then we will not be able to handle multiple visitors. You must purchase a powerful server for that. There are many WP plugins, which protect your blog from hackers and help keep your blog safe.


You may have transferred your blog to another platform on Blogspot, Blogger provides export space, but it cannot be easily stored on another platform as before. This will have a negative impact on your SEO, which will reduce your visitors and can cause you a lot of losses. Whether you can transfer WordPress to another hosting or another platform, you can do it easily.


The Blogger platform is far behind adding new features and a new way of updating. Sometimes new features are added to it, which is small. Google has shut down most of its products over the past few years, so there is no guarantee that it will not block Blogger in the future.

WordPress being an open source software, does not depend on any company or developer. Its renewal continues to come several times a year. If you want, you can modify and update it according to your company. When it comes to Blogger vs WordPress, most companies around the world rely on WordPress.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Blogger has gotten a little better in terms of SEO. But it is not enough to meet all your needs.

WordPress is SEO friendly and there are many free and premium plugins, with the help of which you can easily improve the SEO of your blog. In terms of SEO, WP leads the way in Blogspot vs WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress which is better?

For all the above points, you should know that where you will find what and what will not be found. Using WP itself, it doesn’t mean I set it aside. Both of these platforms are in place. But you have to decide what is right for you.

I started my first blog at Blogspot and later switched to WordPress. If you don’t know anything about blogging, how to do it, then Bloggspot is right for you. Because you won’t have to spend one penny on this. While blogging, you can check it out by subscribing to to see how it works.

In Blogger vs WordPress, in my opinion, WP is the best on the blog, but if you are serious about blogging! If you want to learn blogging, the blogger platform is right for you.

Final word

I hope you liked this post and will find help in choosing the right blogging platform. However, if you are in doubt or need information you can ask me.

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