free satellite channels in India|DD free dish

free satellite channels in India-Ever since the old antenna has ended, every house has got a pay dish, if not local cable, but since TRAI has changed its rules, then the price of local cable or free dish has skyrocketed. The common man is also now having to lose his pocket for entertainment.

In this article today I am going to tell you about such a dish, using which you will be able to watch many channels for free. By paying one time, you will be able to enjoy many channels for free. You must know that there is also a free dish service by Doordarshan, from which you can watch many channels for free, but you will not know much information about it. Today I will try to tell all the information about this free dish through this article. So let’s know what is free dish after all?

free satellite channels in India

free satellite channels in India DD free dish

What is DD Free Dish?

Free Dish was earlier also known as DD Direct. free satellite channels in India This is the first satellite service of India to be run by Prasar Bharati. Its headquarter is located in New Delhi.

E-auction of channels takes place in DD Free Dish so that broadcasters can play their channels on Free Dish. Just now 51 e-auctions have been completed in 2020.

how many free satellite channels in India on Free Dish?

We get to watch and listen to more than 150 channels and more than 50 radio channels on free satellite channels in India DD Free Dish. Every time many channels are added in the e-auction and they keep getting less. That’s why there is no fixed figure for this, it keeps getting less and more.

How much is a free setup box?

If you go to the market then you will get didi free dish for about 1200 to 3000 rupees. Does it depend on you which type of free setup box you want to buy? In this, you will get a setup box in two such types MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Whether you want to buy a normal setup box or HD setup box, your cost will be higher in this too.

What is the difference between MPEG 2 and MPEG-4?

MPEG-2 is used for television broadcasting and DVD, and MPEG-4 is, however, mainly used for portable devices, Internet streaming.

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free satellite channels in India list 2021-22

free satellite channels in India
free satellite channels in India

Many paid broadcasters have now launched their channels on DD Free Dish as it increases the TRP rating of their channels. The channel list of free satellite channels in India Free Dish is always changing, but if you want to know which channels are currently available on Free Dish, then you can know through this website

Who should take dd free dish and why?

If you are not fond of more paid channels, you want to get rid of cable and paid dishes, you find 1-2 local language channels too much, then you will not get a cheaper option than DD Free Dish.

In recent times, many top broadcasters participated in the e-auction of DD Free Dish and many have also won slots in it like Star Utsav, Zee Anmol, Zee Anmol Movie, Sony Wah, Sony Pal Channel now DD You can watch on Free Dish, so if you also watch such channels, then you can also avoid extra expenses by installing DD Free Dish.

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