how do you start a blog in 2022|8 points for a new blogger?

how do you start a blog in 2022

how do you start a blog in 2022|8 points for a new blogger?-If your mood is in blogging and you are about to start blogging, then remember one thing, now it is 2022 and blogging has become advanced level. To start blogging, you have to do a lot of planning in advance and well.

Many things should be prepared so that there is a lot of traffic in the blog and for the sake of a successful blogger ban in a very short time. Is post me I am going to turn you into the barebones of how to start blogging in 2022.

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Friends, the trend of blogging is increasing, there is success and no one is there, but if we get the right guide, we can be successful, this is 2022 in which the competition level of the blog has increased even more.

Now the chances of getting success in the blog have become even more difficult, in such a situation it is not common to be popular in time, we should do planning and work, we should also invest money in the blog.

how do you start a blog in 2022|8 points for a new blogger?

How to Start Blogging in 2022 – Beginner’s Guide

If you are going to create a blog now, then you should remember to tell something, before that know that Hindi blog on Google is more than thousands, then it comes to creating a blog when it has good traffic hi there should be a blog. I am telling you below how to start blogging in 2022.

1. Create a Facebook Page and Promote

If you are going to start blogging in 2022, first of all, before creating a blog for work, make a Facebook page with the name of the blog you are going to create.

For promotion, on the topic in which the blog is going to be created, I also wrote articles related to the same topic like work from work, 50 to 60 words, people liked your writing, and people will start liking your Facebook page.

2. Create a Twitter Account

Twitter me also create an account to promote your blog and if you want, you can also share articles related to your blog topics or small things related to the topics of your blog so that the followers increase if your blog is related to technology daily Write 4- 5 line tech-related and share on Twitter.

3. Make Video on YouTube

After writing Facebook and Twitter articles, you can also make some videos on it by creating a YouTube channel, which can make some types of videos from your blog or your articles that they like and if they like 3-4 videos then they, In the end, you can tell them in the last that you are going to be a blog and who will support you.

4. Create a Blog

Now when it comes to creating a blog, you choose the name of the blog, you will do the same thing that was kept in your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and after that share a lot so that people know that you have created your blog. You can choose the blogging platform WordPress or Blogger, which fulfills your needs and is comfortable to use.

5. Make Better Blog Design

After creating a blog, it is most important that how is the design and look of the blog properly, then you should choose a great premium theme for the blog, remember if you have to do blogging in a serious way, whether it is blogger or WordPress for a better look. Very nice gem for a premium theme.

6. Buy a Domain and Hosting

If you want to do blogging in a professional way, then you can buy a domain for your blog, it has a different quality in blogging and the blog looks professional. If you are a WordPress user then it is very important to get better hosting and domain for the blog.

7. Now Write a Post

Finally, when it comes to content writing, then if you have to write a post, then the post according to which I had previously planned, which I had told my users.

When you write a post, write it for 700 words, it will be more attractive to visitors, so whoever you are by posting, now you share the post on the Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter, after that see how much traffic comes.

8. Submit Blog in Search Engines

The last step has come that you submit your blog to a search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, and yes friends, whatever post you have written, tell your readers that our blog search engine has gone to me. The popularity will increase and the work time will increase your blog even further.

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