how does satellite internet work?

how does satellite internet work

how does satellite internet work

how does satellite internet work Do you know what the Internet is? And how many types of internet are there. Satellite internet is also one of the types of internet. Today the growth of any country can stop without the internet.

And where there is no internet, that country is cut off from the world. 96% of the people of South Korea live online while only 5% of the people of the African country Central African Republic live online. In this way, satellite internet can prove to be a boon for providing internet to the backward countries of the world.

64.7% of the people of the world use the Internet, while the remaining 35% of the people do not have access to the Internet. In most African countries, only 46% of the people use the Internet. And this is because they do not have internet availability. And you will also know that except for some major countries of Africa, the rest of the country is very backward.

Here first, let me tell you about some technical terms which are related to satellite internet, which will make it easier for you to understand this post better. And let me also tell you that 99% of the internet in the whole world is spread by optical fiber cable whereas only 1% of satellite internet is used.

Some technical information related to satellite internet

1. Orbit – It is the orbital path of any planet, satellite, and celestial body. It is circular, oval, or parabola in shape. Satellites rotate in this path.

2. Satellite- Satellite is called satellite in Hindi. Satellites are those that revolve around the planet. As the moon is a natural satellite. And the earth revolves around the planet. Similarly, satellites are artificial satellites that revolve around the earth.

3. Geo-Stationary Orbit-GEO – This orbit is 35,786 km from the Earth’s surface. is situated at a height of. Satellites are placed in this orbit. Satellites revolve around the Earth in the same amount of time that the Earth completes one revolution on its axis. That is why they appear stable when viewed from the earth. Due to the high altitude, the satellite here can cover 33% of the earth. Due to the high altitude, the latency of the satellite here is 500 Ms or 0.5 seconds. Which is not good for the internet. Especially for online gaming.

4. To avoid the latency problem of Low Earth Orbit-LEO GEO, satellites have to be placed in LEO. It is 200 km above the surface of the earth. 2,000 km from Till then. Satellites will be placed in this orbit in SpaceX’s Star Link Internet project. Due to which the distance will be reduced and the latency will be 20-30 milliseconds due to the data traveling a short distance. Which is a good thing. But the point to be noted here is that due to the low altitude, we will need more than 12000 satellites to cover the earth completely.

5. What is Latency – Whenever you enter the address of a website in the browser, then the time between the opening of that website and you entering is the latency. You can also call it Delay. And the reason for this delay depends on the location of the network equipment such as router, connection (optical fiber or satellite), server. Latency is measured in milliseconds (Ms). Ping test is done to check the latency, which you can also do on the computer.

A high latency indicates poor internet while low latency is a hallmark of high-speed internet. Lag arises only due to high latency. You must have seen and felt the lag while playing online games. The lower the latency, the better. If the latency is 20 – 40 Ms for online gaming then it is very good.

Latency can also be called the time interval between the user’s action and the website or app’s response. For example, suppose you are playing a shooting game on a mobile or computer. Now the target came in front of you and you fired but due to high latency, your target ran away before your bullet hit the target.

What is Satellite Internet

Let me explain satellite internet in easy language. In satellite Internet, the Internet service provider provides Internet service to the small satellite dish installed in your home through satellite located in space. Just like a Dish TV antenna installed at home works.

Satellite Internet is also called Space Internet. Satellite Internet consists of a small satellite dish on one side of the Earth, which sends and receives data from satellites moving in Earth’s geostationary orbit. Whereas, on the other hand, the satellite in orbit takes the request from the Internet by the Network Operations Center on Earth and gives it to the small satellite dish through the same route.

History of Satellite Internet

The launch of the satellite in Earth’s orbit started in 1957 from Sputnik of the Soviet Union (today’s Russia). All the scientists of the world were blown away by this move of Russia. This move started the Space Race between the most powerful countries in the world. Later in 1958, the United States launched its first satellite Explorer 1.

In the year 1962, Bell Labs of USA launched Telstar, which introduced satellite television broadcast for the first time. In 1964, NASA launched the first Geo-Stationary Satellite named Syncom 3. In 1967 Russia and in 1972 Canada also started satellite television.

In 1976, electrical engineer Taylor Howard created a satellite dish and receiver that could be easily installed at home. This dish is used to catch the signals of American and Russian satellites.

In 1993, the Hughes Aircraft Company of the USA applied for a satellite internet license and in 2005 launched a satellite named Spaceway into Earth orbit to provide satellite internet service. After this, more companies started providing satellite internet service. At present, the companies providing satellite internet service are only in the USA and UK. Like- ViaSat, Echostar, Starlink, HughesNet, Bigblu. Over time, these companies made the Internet service even faster by increasing the capacity and bandwidth.

who invented satellite internet?

On the internet, you will not find any information about the inventor of the satellite internet. Here one cannot give credit to anyone person for starting satellite internet. The name of Hughes Aircraft Company of USA is taken to start satellite internet.

parts of satellite internet

Dish- This is also like your TV dish antenna. Which is planted in the right position near your house. So that it can focus the signal to the satellite and send it and receive it from the satellite.

Modem- Dish will receive whatever signal it gives to the modem. The modem is what connects your router to the Internet. Remember there is a difference between modem and router-modem connects you directly to internet service provider whereas router takes internet from the modem and lets you share internet to many devices via Wi-Fi.

Network Operations Center (NOC) – It controls the communication link of all satellite internet. It keeps an eye on any kind of problem like a power problem, signal problem. It is operational at all times of the year.

Ground Station- It works just like a telephone exchange. It takes your signal from the satellite and gives it to the main internet and gives the information requested by you from the main internet to the satellite. In simple language, the data signal is exchanged.

how satellite internet works

how does satellite internet work

Before knowing how satellite internet works, let us know how broadband internet or cable internet works. Telephone exchanges or any Internet service provider are connected to the Internet through an optical fiber network. Suppose you have taken BSNL Broadband connection from BSNL Exchange. So the cable from the exchange will connect to your home modem which will then provide internet to the laptop via Wi-Fi or cable.

Similarly, you are also connected to the internet in satellite internet. The difference here is that the satellite connects you to the main Internet by sending a (wireless) signal without any cables. Here the cable connects to the dish kept near your house. This dish antenna sends a signal to the satellite in space and gives it to you after receiving it. 

You entered by opening the browser and typing the web address. After you enter, the signal from the computer went to the modem installed in your house and then to your dish antenna. This dish antenna will convert your signal into a radio signal and send it to the satellite in Earth’s orbit at the speed of 186,000 Miles Per Second.

Now, this satellite sends the network operation center on the earth through the satellite ground station at the same speed. The network operation center (NOC) is connected to the optical fiber internet. Similarly, NOC sends the information of the website requested by you from the Internet to the satellite and then the satellite sends a signal to the modem through the dish antenna installed at your home and the website is opened. This cycle goes on like this and you stay connected to the internet. All this process is done in less than 1 second.

There is satellite internet available?

Currently, satellite internet is available only in the United States of America and the United Kingdom (England+Wales+Scotland+Northern Ireland). Elon Musk has also announced the launch of Starlink satellite internet service in some countries including India. Hughes India Company has tied up with ISRO to provide satellite internet in the North-Eastern regions of India like Ladakh, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh. In this way, its demand is going to increase in the coming time in remote or inaccessible areas.

Benefits of satellite internet

  • Global Coverage- The best thing about satellite internet is that it can cover an entire continent. Be it any location, such as hilly or plateau or plain area, it covers them all.
  • In today’s time, 99% of the internet is provided by optical fiber cable. These cables connect to mobile towers and give you internet. These cables and towers are difficult to lay in rough and mountainous areas. Therefore, satellite internet can be a good alternative to cables in these areas.
  • High-Speed ​​Internet – Where there is dial-up internet or there is less option of internet, it is a good option. And gives high-speed internet. Their speed is very high as compared to dial-up internet.
  • Satellite internet can handle high bandwidth. This means that having too many users at peak times will not affect your internet speed.
  • Satellite internet does not require any kind of phone line.

disadvantages of satellite internet

  • Bad weather such as strong thunderstorms or rain can affect satellite internet.
  • In this, you have to send data to space, then to ISP, and then from ISP to space and from space to you. Due to which the data has to travel a long distance. This creates Delay or Lag which is responsible for excessive latency. This is not good for online gaming.
  • Your dish should always be placed in the south direction. Any type of obstruction such as trees or buildings can block the signal.
  • These are expensive as compared to other internet connections.
  • Every year the number of satellites is increasing in space, due to which Space Junk (Space Garbage) is increasing there. The reason for the growth of Space Junk is also the collision of satellites with each other.
  • The initial cost of starting a satellite internet company is high.

Conclusion: how does satellite internet work

Friends, I am completely sure that if you have any questions related to “ how does Satellite Internet work”, then you can ask by commenting, I will be happy to answer your questions. Friends, if this topic seems more technical to you, then no problem, this kind of information is beneficial for the brain, which gives more detail to your thinking.

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