how old is the great wall of china in years

how old is the great wall of china-The ‘Great Wall of China‘ or ‘The Great Wall of China is on the northern border of China? As its name suggests, this massive wall is a grand architectural marvel and is considered to be one of the greatest man-made wonders in the world. The history of the Great Wall of China is more than 2000 years old, at that time China used to be a unified country.

But the Great Wall of China is not really just a Great Wall, ‘It is worth noting that – Travel Expert Stan Godwin has told that it is made up of two words. Leisure with Travel, “It’s really a series of walls and forts.”

Godwin has generally organized it into four main sections for those who travel there. Badling (the most famous and accessible place for travelers of different mobility), Mutianyu (well refurbished but far less crowded), Simatai (laminated wall), and Jinshanling (for pedestrians).

Despite its cultural and historical importance, the Great Wall of China was not listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO until 1987. Read this to learn about the history and discovery of the Great Wall of China, and for a definitive guide to its attractions and ancient wonders.

 great wall of china

how old is the great wall of china in years

where is the great wall of china?

The Great Wall of China starts in Beijing, its massive structure is in Hushan, Liaoning in the east, it extends to Jiayuguan, in the northwest of the city. Commonly fixed, the Great Wall of China protects the northern border of the country. A 2012 archaeological survey estimated that the wall (taking into account all the dynasties working on the structure) spanned 15 provinces and to the north-west. , extends from Xinjiang, in the east to the border of Korea.

how long is the great wall of china?

If you ever wanted to measure all the sections it built, a new report suggests that the Great Wall of China could be 13,170.7 miles long. Much of it was built during the Ming dynasty, stretching 5,500.3 miles between Huashan and Jiayuguan.

Even if you only consider the length of the mainline of the wall (about 2,150 miles) it is still the longest wall in the world, including in the Seven Medieval Wonders of the World.

To find out how tall the Great Wall of China is, the general answer is that the height of its structure ranges from 15 feet to 39 feet. At its widest point, the wall is 32 feet thick.

when was the great wall of china built?

It is difficult to say exactly when the Great Wall of China was built, as many dynasties and rulers contributed to its construction. It is assumed that the length of the beginning of the wall dates back to 770 BC. Although government work then dates back to 221 B.C. had not even started.

The 5,500-mile stretch was built between 1368 and 1644 during the Ming dynasty – during the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. According to Travel China Guide, at least 20 kingdoms and dynasties contributed to the construction of the Great Wall of China over the course of several centuries.

why was the great wall of china built?

Originally built as a wartime defense, the Great Wall of China features many towers and passageways. When Emperor Qin Shi Huang first proposed this long wall, he meant the Chinese kingdoms from northern invading tribes. was to protect. During the Han Dynasty, (between 206 B.C. and 220 A.D.) the Great Wall was extended to protect the Silk Road trade.

The Great Wall was expanded to protect the Silk Road trade. According to, the Ming dynasty, who “took a largely defensive stance” not only built the Great Wall to extend it, but also to repair and reinforce existing structures. Did.

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how the great wall of china was built?

The Great Wall is actually a collection of fortifications, some of which are built parallel to each other, while others are somewhat circular. The great wall is also part of natural barriers, such as rivers or high mountains.

Hundreds of years before any official construction on the Great Wall, Chinese states pitted against each other by building fortifications or forts, built mostly on earth using wood and stone, which is seen extensively throughout China. . During the construction of the Ming dynasty, bricks were used instead of cut stone to lay the foundation and make the entrance.
Qin Shi Huang had a labor force of about 300,000 soldiers and prisoners. Hundreds of thousands of people died while working during the construction of this wall. Because they had to carry heavy material on their backs, which went all the way to the top of the mountain.

Much of the work on the oldest sections of the Great Wall was done by hand, although ancient techniques – wheelbarrows, rope, basket and pulley systems, and horse or bullock-cart carts were also used.

best time to travel

The most popular times to visit the Great Wall of China are the first weeks of May and October. But commuters may face heavy rush during these time periods. It’s vacation time, and everyone travels,” Godwin said. A slippery swath of ice remains and cold winds also blow.

Autumn is the most beautiful time to visit the Great Wall of China. The weather is comfortable and dry at this time, and the leaves of the mountains show a kaleidoscope of colors. It may be better to visit the Great Wall of China in June as there are no domestic holidays at this time. You can avoid the rush related to holidays and enjoy some discounts on hotel rooms and tourist places at this time.

Contrary to popular rumors, you cannot see the Great Wall of China with the naked eye from space. According to NASA, however, photographs taken from the International Space Station showed sections of the wall under ideal conditions. The wall can be clearly photographed using radar imagery.

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