how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home-A lot of students want that we should start earning even with studies. So that the trouble to your parents is lessened. And we could bear our expenses ourselves. And if we do a job at the same time, then we will continue to get experience. Every student wants to do a job along with studies. But what are the jobs that we can do with studies very easily and in less time?
With studies, we can easily do and can afford our expenses, I am going to tell such best part-time jobs which student, housewife or any other person can also do part-time.

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home
how to earn extra money

Why work with studies

By the way, if we see Jay, then we should not do any other work along with studies. Because studying is a job. Whi is our best career option. Those who can pay the fees of their school or colleges, but the expenses which are incurred in the life of other students become difficult to pass.
So the student wants that I should also work with studies so that pocket money does not have to be ordered from home. But what kind of job is there which can be set along with studies.

Where to do Student Part Time Job

We thought that we have to do a part-time job along with our studies. But where will the job go? We will go to some shop and say brother, what is a part-time job? Or we will go to any service center or other company and do a job search. But we don’t have to go there and do the job.

If we do this then our studies will be affected. We have to devote our time to our studies. And we may face problems in the exam.

I will suggest you for such a job in which you can become the owner yourself and work as per your wish. But earning starts after a while in the works of your choice. But the income earned is super. So let’s know what are the things that we can do ourselves.

Today’s era is digital. Everyone gets the work done sitting at home. Even if we want to eat food, we will order from mobile and will come immediately. So we have to participate in our time in the digital world. and have to work. There are many such digital platforms from where we can earn real money.

So let’s talk about such digital platforms from where we can earn real money.

By working part-time on blogging

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home

Blogging speaks about the way you earn money by sharing your thoughts and your knowledge with the world. Our typing, our content is our money if we use it properly. Blogging is a good way to earn money online.
We have to reach our ideas or knowledge to the people through the website. We have to show AIDS to the traffic on the website. And we earn from them. Or we can do our products or affiliate marketing with our written blogs. From where we can earn good income sitting at home.
We should work hard in blogging. Blogging is one of the best jobs for students part-time jobs.

Part-Time Student Job by sharing videos on youtube

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home

Apart from blogging, the way to share your knowledge and your ability is that youtube. Everyone knows about YouTube. But we have to do more work on youtube than blogging. We can earn good money by sharing our videos on youtube.

Day by day the number of people using youtube keeps increasing. In their free time, people directly use youtube for their entertainment. And people watch their favorite videos.

Working Part-Time in Affiliate Marketing

Part-Time in Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, we simply have to refer to the company’s product. And if someone buys the product we have referred, then the company pays less commission for it. For example, e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart run affiliate programs. Which we can join by going to the sites of those companies free.

The best platforms to do affiliate marketing are Facebook and the website. Yes, we can earn money from Facebook too. By referring products. In Facebook, we have to create a page for that.

In which we can refer people by sharing the link. And as soon as someone buys that product by clicking on the link you shared, then you get some percentage of its commission.

Students Part Time Job By Working Part Time With Fiverr

how to earn extra money students from part-time in the home

Fiver is a service delivery website. In which we have to give service to the people. As you know how to make a good website. So on Fiverr, you create your profile and add your skills. If someone wants to make a website, then he will contact you directly and you give him service, you get money for that. As much as you would have kept the rate of your service. You get that much money.

Many people earn money from a fiver. As our profile on fiver gets older, so does the number of our customers. And earning is boosted.

The fiver platform is also a great platform to earn money.

Earning from Facebook / Instagram Page

Earning from Facebook / Instagram Page

You must be using Facebook or Instagram. We get to see many posts like photos, videos, but have you ever wondered why these people work so hard? So behind this is the secret of earning money.

Money is earned by increasing the followers of Instagram and Facebook pages. For example, if you have 1 Million followers on your Instagram page, then you can earn through AIDS.

In Facebook, the feature has been given by watching Facebook. Through which video creators can earn money by uploading their videos. Here you must have 10000 followers on your page. Only after that, you can silence your Facebook page. And you can earn money sitting at home.

Students Part Time Job by Online Selling with Meesho

Meesho is an Android app. We can earn a lot of money online through Meesho. To work with Meesho, we need to have a smartphone and internet.

Earning money from Meesho is very easy. In the Meesho app, we have to sell the products given in Meesho. Buying the product by sharing a photo of the product. In Meesho, you have to decide your margin on the product. For example, if a product is worth Rs 100, and you sell it with a margin of Rs 50, then there will be a profit of Rs 50. In Meesho, you can earn online by selling goods by setting margins like this.


These are the best platforms to earn online. And these platforms are special for students. How do those who do part-time jobs reach full-time? It is not known. There are many bloggers and YouTubers in our country who earn a lot. I hope this student’s part-time jobs will be liked a lot.

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