how to get traffic on blog 30 tips in 2022

how to get traffic on blog-In the world of blogging, all bloggers work daily to increase traffic on the blog and millions of articles and videos on the Internet also give information about increasing traffic on the blog, but only by reading articles and watching videos, traffic on the blog does not increase.

To increase the traffic on the blog, we have to do new experiments, while learning something new every day, the experiments that are successful in increasing the traffic on your blog, along with using them, we have to keep doing new experiments again.

Hello Friends,

My name is Iqrar Ali and I have been blogging since 2019 and even today I try to learn something new, do new experiments on my blogs, due to which good traffic is coming to all my blogs and in this article, I have tried to increase traffic. The information about the methods has been shared.

So let’s understand by reading how to get traffic on the blog.

how to get traffic on blog
how to get traffic on blog

how to get traffic on blog-how to do blog commenting for traffic

In the beginning, all the new bloggers waste a lot of time in designing the blog and creating posts and pages on the blog without any research.

Due to this, the initial hard work of new bloggers gets wasted and traffic does not come to the blog in the initial time.

If you make SEO Friendly Blog posts with research and work to increase traffic, then soon good traffic starts coming to the blog.

If you are already working on your blog and having blog design, some posts and pages have also been published.

Even then you do not have to worry because forgetting the time that has been wasted so far, now with a little research, traffic can be increased on the blog by working properly on the blog.

To increase the traffic on the blog, you have to follow the steps given below.

1. Make Blog’s Design Attractive how to get traffic on blog

how to get traffic on blog
how to get traffic on blog

Just as after visiting a website with a yellow background, red-colored text, and useless font size, you will close the site in 2 seconds and will not go to such a website again.

Similarly, no one likes a blog with a bad design and no one goes to a bad design blog again.

Due to the bad blog design, people will go out of the blog immediately, due to which the bounce rate of the blog will increase and people will not come back to the blog, then according to Google’s algorithm, your blog will be less trustworthy. Due to this the blog will not rank in any search engine and traffic will not come to your blog.

Therefore, it is very important to have a good design of the blog.

Choose a Professional Design Theme for your blog. So that all your readers like the design and all the users can read the contents of the blog easily.

To choose the theme, see the point given below.

  • The theme looks professional.
  • The theme should have all the options you need like Sidebar, Featured Images, etc.
  • The blog should load in less time, for which choose Fast WordPress Theme.
  • WordPress Theme should be Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
  • Along with improving the design of the blog, you can buy a Newspaper Theme or other Best WordPress Theme to choose the theme with all the necessary functions required for blogging.

2. Write High Quality Articles how to get traffic on blog

how to get traffic on blog
how to get traffic on blog

Everyone knows that in the world of blogging, content is the king, which means that the better the content of the blog will be. The more readers will like the blog.

Google has also clearly said that write posts only for users and if your post is good then Google will automatically rank your post.

Therefore, publish only quality content on the blog. Which is helpful and useful for the users.

To improve the content, keep the below points in mind.

  • Research – To improve the content of the blog, before writing the post, do thorough research on the topic of the post and start writing the post only after understanding all the information.
  • Headings – It is very important to use the best headings to make the content easy to understand and attractive. After 4 to 5 paragraphs in the article, definitely keep an attractive and useful heading.
  • Remove Boaring Content – ​​People do not like to waste their time at all, so do not add Boaring Contents to enlarge the article.

Add only useful lines to the article so that people do not get bored and the content is complete. Due to which the Time On Page is large and the bounce rate is low.

3. Write the article in detail how to get traffic on blog

Even today, when I look at people’s blogs, most of the posts contain only about 500 to 700 words.

This is the reason why his posts are never viral.

It is very important to make the post viral for more traffic and it is very important to have long articles to make the content viral.

According to Buzzsumo, posts of 3,000 to 10,000 words are mostly shared because more words mean more engagement rate, which makes your posts viral.

So if you have to show the post on the first page in Search Engines or Viral on Social Media, then definitely write 2000+ Words in each post.

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4. Do Keyword Research how to get traffic on blog

how to get traffic on blog
how to get traffic on blog

It is very important to do keyword research before writing a post because if you will write a post without keyword research. So it will be like shooting arrows in the dark and your posts will rank very hard. Therefore, before starting writing the post, definitely do Keyword Research.

There are three main things in Keyword Research.

  • Find Keywords
  • Analyse Competition On keywords
  • Choose low Competition Keywords

All the work related to Keywords Research can be done easily by using Semrush Tool.

To do Keyword Research for free, you have to work a little hard because you have to use two or three tools.

1) It would be better to use the first tool Google keywords planner because with this tool you can easily find the Average Monthly Searches of Keywords.

2) Using Keywords Everywhere, you can easily check the competition on all keywords.

For this, you have to install Keywords Everywhere and add it to Chrome or Firefox browser, after that if you search any keywords in Google, then you get Competition, Search Volumes, and CPC show.

3) You can use LSI Graph to find Long Tail Keywords, it is very easy and provides good Long Tail Keywords.

By searching in Google, you can also find the best Long Tail Keywords using Related Searches.

By looking at the image below, you can learn to search Long Tail Keywords from Google.

5. Optimize the loading speed of the blog

The loading speed of all Top Rank Blogs in the world is very fast and it takes less than 1 second to load the blog.

Increasingly, every 1 Second Time, your blog becomes 100 steps behind from being ranked.

You can use Pingdom Speed Test, Gtmetrix, or Google Page Speed Insights to check the loading speed of a blog.

If your blog takes more than 2 seconds to load, then you should immediately optimize the loading speed of the blog.

To reduce the loading time, you have to optimize the following things of the blog.

  • Optimize the images of the blog.
  • Minify Java Scripts and CSS.
  • Reduce Blog’s Server Response Time
  • Use a theme with Light Weight.
  • At least use redirection.

6. Learn Search Engine Optimization

This is the most important point to increase blog traffic because without SEO it is very difficult to get good traffic on a blog.

Millions of visitors can come to the blog from the search engine in a day, for which it is necessary to make the blog Search Engine Friendly.

If Blog is not Optimized for Search Engines then Organic Traffic will not come on Blog. And all the ways to increase traffic will not be of any use.

There are many algorithms in SEO, you have to work on the blog keeping all in mind.

Although there is no 100% correct definition of SEO, according to the experience of old bloggers and webmasters, you can work for it.

To make the blog SEO friendly. At least one hour will have to be given for SEO every day. After which in one to two months you will learn the necessary SEO and will be able to make your website SEO FRIENDLY.

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SEO is mainly divided into 2 parts

On-Page Optimization – When you work on a blog like creating pages or posts or changing the design of the blog, then all this work comes under On-Page Optimization.

To do On-Page Optimization on Blog, you have to optimize Blog Design, Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Tags, Internal Links, External Links, Images and other Media, etc. for Search Engines.

In on-page optimization, we have to do all the work on the blog, so we can do all this work easily.

If your blog is on WordPress then you will be able to do all the work easily through some plugins like SEO By Yoast.

Off-Page Optimization – We have to do all the work of Off-Page Optimization outside our website.

Like – Creating High-Quality Backlinks, Driving Traffic from Social Sites, Driving Traffic from Forums, etc.

This work takes a little more time because we are dependent on other websites for this, but if you give 1 hour per day on Off-Page SEO, then Off-Page Optimization is better for your blog.

7. Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a very good way by which you can drive traffic from each guest post to other good blogs for your whole life.

A new Do-Follow Backlink is also easily available through Guest Post, which strengthens op page optimization and increases Domain Authority.

To do guest posts, you must do at least one guest post every week by searching other Top Blogs with topics related to your blog.

By posting a guest on a top blog, you can easily get 1000 visitors per day of referral traffic.

The following things should be remembered while doing guest blogging.

  • The Domain Authority and Page Authority of the blog on which the guest is to be posted should be more than the DA and PA of your blog.
  • Guest Post only on Blogs related to your Blog Niche.
  • Give guest posts to blogs with more traffic first.

Blog Commenting is also the easiest way to increase Traffic and No Follow Links.

For this, you have to find Top Blogs related to Blog and make comments on their posts.

Through Blog Comments, you get No Follow Links, which increases Domain Authority and Page Authority to some extent and by seeing your comments, people also try to know about your blog, which increases Blog Traffic.

While doing blog commenting, remember that you do not have to comment on any low-quality website and do not more than 10 comments in a day.

Note: New bloggers do spam while making blog comments, such as writing Blog Links or Email Id, etc. in the comment section, which is a wrong way to do so, your comment is not approved.

Therefore, while commenting on any blog post, remember that you have to write your name in the name section, the URL of the website in the URL section, email address in the email section, and comment related to the blog post in the message section, by doing this your comment will be approved. Chances will be high

9. Please reply to the comments

Do reply to all the comments of your blog because it creates a good connection between the readers of the blog and users spending more time on your blog.

Google also considers the comments to be more and your posts to be helpful and shows up in the search result.

If someone makes Spam Comments, do not approve them and delete them immediately. Because such comments lower the ranking of the blog and there is a risk of blog hacking.

10. Share articles on social sites

In today’s time, there is a lot of traffic on social sites and with the help of them, you can easily increase traffic on blogs.

For this, share all the posts of your blog on social sites by creating an account on all social sites.

For this, do not share all the posts on social sites together, make a schedule and share the posts one by one on social sites according to that schedule.

HTIPS shares a post on all social sites 1 time in 24 hours.

By creating a page in the name of a Blog on social sites, you can easily target people and increase the traffic of the blog.

Put Social Share Icon on Blog. So that people can easily find the blog’s posts on Share on Social Sites.

By sharing old posts on social sites, again and again, traffic also increases on your old posts, due to which your old posts also increase ranking in Google search.

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11. List posts

Publishing List Post will increase the number of your readers and people will come to your blog again and again to read List Posts, which will how to get traffic on the blog.

To publish List Posts, you have to write articles on different things related to a topic.

12. Join Forums-how to do blog commenting for traffic

There are many benefits of joining Forums. By joining Frooms, you get to learn a lot of new things.

If ever there is any problem related to blogging, then by questioning the old bloggers in the forum, you will be able to solve that problem.

If you give answers to someone’s questions in the forums, then you can easily drive on the blog with backlinks and good traffic by sharing the links of the blog.

Forums are identified with other bloggers, which makes guest blogging easier, you can easily create backlinks.

If you give 10 to 15 minutes every day to answer the question of Forms, then you can bring it to the blog from good Traffic Forums.

13. Work on Question Answer Sites

You can generate good traffic from Questions and Answers Websites daily for 10 to 15 minutes, answer questions of people on Question Answers Sites and also give a link to your blog post in the answer.

If your answers are good then people will come after reading the posts on your blog and your traffic will increase.

Today, create an account on some good question answering sites like Quora and start answering questions.

Improvement will start appearing in your blog traffic in a month.

14. Create YouTube Channel

In today’s time, Youtube is in the most trends after Google, so take the help of Youtube to how to get traffic on blog.

To get traffic from Youtube, create videos related to the topic of your blog and upload them to the youtube channel and give a link to the blog post in the description of the video.

You can earn money from Youtube by working on Youtube, so you must take double benefit by making videos for Blog on Youtube.

The search engine also gives more priority to visual content, so put Youtube videos in your blog posts as well.

With this, your blog post will be ranked in the search engine and it will be easy for all the people to understand your post.

15. Share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a very good social site to increase traffic, you share blog posts and YouTube videos on LinkedIn.

Due to which some traffic will start coming to your blog and it is said that every drop of water fills the pot with water.

Similarly, do not ignore less traffic and drive traffic to the blog as much as possible from everywhere.

Due to being shared on social sites, the search engine rank of the blog will increase and after some time good traffic will start coming to the blog.

16. Optimize for Mobile

In today’s time, 80% of the people run the internet from mobile, so make sure to make your blog mobile-friendly. So that all mobile users can easily read the blog post on mobile.

Google also gives more priority to Mobile-Friendly Blogs, so Google has created Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to optimize Blogs.

With the help of which you can do a Mobile-Friendly Test of your blog and increase the chances of ranking the blog in Google.

It is very beneficial to write a post on Trends Topics related to the topic of the blog, if any post of your Trends article is on the first page in Google Search, then a single post gets millions of views in a day, due to which the rank of your entire w.ebsite or blog increases. She goes.

You can use Google trends to find out Trends Topics and you can increase good traffic by writing posts on normal trends like Diwali, Holi, Eid, etc.

18. Update Blog Regularly

To increase Regular Traffic, it is necessary to update Regular New Posts on the blog because the more new content your blog will have, the more new readers will come to your blog.

Google will also rank your blog by updating new posts. Which will bring more traffic to your blog.

19. Update Old Articles

All the information changes with time, so to give always updated information to our readers, the posts should be updated from time to time so that all your readers will get the information.

While updating the posts, it is more effective to put new photos and videos in the posts, so definitely add visual content to the posts.

By updating old posts, your old posts become new, Google and other search engines re-index your posts, due to which your posts also start coming on the first page in search and traffic also increases on old posts.

20.Create EBook

These points are going to be very beneficial for you because you do not have to work hard for this and traffic is going to be boosted.

By creating an Ebook for all the posts of the blog, also give the links of your blog in the Ebook so that those who do not have time to read the blog post, can download your Ebook later and share it with their friends, which will advertise your blog. More people will come to your blog.

You can also increase the traffic of your blog by converting all the posts of blogs into videos and sharing them on other sites and also earn money from videos.

21. Reduce Bounce Rate

To rank your posts in Search Engines, you have to reduce the blog’s bounce rate as low as possible. You can see the Bounce Rate of your blog or website through Google analytics or Alexa Ranking.

To reduce the bounce rate, you have to make blog articles interesting and useful, the more photos and videos you use in the posts, the less the bounce rate will be, but it is very important to be useful along with being related to the videos and images topic.

22. Increase CTR-how to do blog commenting for traffic

Click through Rate (CTR) means how many people clicked on your post after your posts appeared in Search Engines. Meaning if a post of your blog was seen 100 times in the search engine, then 60 times people clicked on your post, then the CTR of your post is 60.

The CTR of any blog can be seen in Google Analytics Account or on Alexa Ranking Site and to increase CTR you have to make the title and meta tag of blog posts attractive.

To improve the title and meta tag of the blog, you can use Yoast SEO or All IN ONE SEO.

23. Create Email List

Never Neglect Email Marketing because you can do a 30% Traffic Increase of Blog through Email.

You can invite readers to come to your blog through email.

To build an email list, first put a good subscription box on the blog.

Make Subscription necessary to download by making PDF of Free Ebook or any Guide.

Send an email to your subscriber in the schedule like send one email in 2 days or one email in a week.

24. Share on is also a good source of increasing traffic because you get backlinks from and if your content is good then good traffic from can drive to your blog. Now go to and signup and start posting.

25. Create Free Courses

If the posts of your blog teach anything to the people, then you can provide free courses on udemy and techable by making eBooks. EBooks will contain links to your blogs, which will generate good traffic on your blog.

Do not think that there will be very little traffic, so do not waste time, with a little traffic, you will be able to easily drive and drive your blog, so if you get a single page view from any place, then work for it, come soon Millions of Page Views Per Day will be seen on your blog.

26. Install SSL Certificate

Google has now started Ranking Secured Websites Azar Blogs and Downing Unsecured Websites and Blogs and has started showing warnings to Unsecured Websites and Blogs in Google Chrome Browser so that if you do not use SSL Certificate then 90% of Chrome Browser is going in Traffic Loss for your website or blog.

Cloud flare is a very good website for Free SLL Certificate, using which you can secure website and blog for free, so to increase traffic, set up a FREE SSL Certificate in 5 minutes for your website or blog today to increase traffic.

27. Use Browser Cache

You must use Browser Cache for your website or blog because it stores it on mobile or computer for your website or blog, so that if someone visits the page again, then the page takes very little time to load.

You can use W3 Total Cache or Wp Super Cache Plugin to enable Browse Cache.

28. Accept Guest Post

Inviting other bloggers for guest posts on the blog, due to the arrival of new bloggers on your blog, a Decent Amount of traffic will come to your blog, and also by looking at external links and authors, your blog’s ranking in Google and other search engines will increase.

The biggest advantage of accepting guest posts is that you get very good content and a post without hard work which can be very useful for your readers, so do accept guest posts on your blog.

29.Be Active on Social Sites

In today’s time, maximum traffic is on social sites where there is the traffic of lakhs for 24 hours.

Therefore, give some time to promote your blog on social sites and drive good traffic on your blog.

30. Follow Google’s Algorithm-how to do blog commenting for traffic

Google is the largest search engine in the world, so always keep a friendship with it. Because Google is the only way that can lead you to success.

If you make friends with Google and work according to its terms and conditions, then one day you will get millions of traffic on your blog only with the help of Google.

Always keep in mind that Google does not block you and never creates Fake Traffic, Bad Backlinks, and never tries to be successful by creating Google.

Hope you have liked the information about increasing traffic on the blog and by reading this you will be able to increase traffic on the blog.

If you have any questions related to the information of increasing traffic on the blog, then definitely ask in the comment.

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