how to increase the battery backup of a smartphone? 10 useful tips

how to increase the battery backup

how to increase the battery backup : Hello Friend’s In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can increase the Battery Backup of your Smart Phone or Android Phone. So that your phone can support you for a long time.

how to increase the battery backup of a smartphone? 10 useful tips

smartphone battery backup

In today’s time, almost everyone uses a smartphone and almost everyone is also worried about the battery backup of the smartphone because the battery of the smartphone gets discharged very quickly. Due to which many times our smartphone leaves us at the time of need and we have to charge it first to use it.

But do you know why the battery backup of the smartphone is so low?

No, then let us tell you, in fact along with the advance of the smartphone, many features are also advanced, due to which your smartphone takes more power and as the smartphone gets its power from its battery only. Your Smartphone’s Battery Backup gets reduced and your phone starts discharging very quickly.

You can follow these 10 tips to increase the battery backup of the smartphone so that the battery of your smartphone will last longer and you also get good battery backup.

10 Tips How To Increase Battery Backup Of Smart Phone

Normally there are many ways to increase SmartPhone Ke Battery Backup but these 10 are the most important because due to these, your smartphone battery is used the most, so if you reduce them then your phone’s Battery Backup also. increases.

01- Never Charge your Full Battery

Now, this is a bit strange to hear, but the biggest reason for the early discharge of the battery of the smartphone is its full charge.

A lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery is installed inside all smartphones. Now the most important thing about this battery is that if you charge this battery more, that is, 100% charge or use it even if it is less like your smartphone’s battery is less than 20% left and still If you use your smartphone, then the battery of your smartphone starts deteriorating.

Therefore, while charging the phone, you have to keep in mind that your phone is not 100% charged and charge it only after saving at least 20% battery.

Otherwise, the battery of your smartphone will become weak and it starts discharging quickly.

02- Don’t Use Heavy Android Apps

On keeping Android Phones, we all install many Android Apps in our Smart Phone, in which we stop using many Apps or install some such Apps which are very heavy.

Now Android apps use your phone’s battery and RAM to run, so many times your phone hangs due to more heavy apps and also your smartphone battery starts discharging quickly.

how to avoid heavy app

Many important apps are heavy and their Lite version is not available, so you uninstall those apps after the work is over.

Note: When you feel that you will not need that app later.

Along with this, for the Android apps whose Lite version is available, you should use only their Lite version like Facebook, Messenger, Google Chrome, etc. These are all such Android Apps that we use daily in our daily life. But you also get Lite versions of all these apps, so use them only.


Lite Version App uses less power and RAM to run, due to which the battery of your smartphone lasts longer.

03- Don’t Use Your Phone on Charging

Many times we start using our smartphone only after putting it on Charge. Due to which you must have noticed that your smartphone starts heating up.

Because at that time your phone’s battery is charged on one side and on the other side the battery is also exhausted, due to which your smartphone uses more power to balance.

Now as we told you earlier that the smartphone gets its power from its battery, due to which all the load comes on your smartphone’s battery and your phone’s battery also starts deteriorating quickly.

Therefore, avoid using your smartphone while charging.

Note: By using the smartphone by putting it in charge, many times the chances of exploding the phone battery also increase, due to which the possibility of accident also increases.

04- Always Update Your Android Apps

More battery in a smartphone is less due to apps like, when you use an app, you must have seen that you are asked to update them many times.

Now there are two benefits of updating the apps of the smartphone-

  1. You get easy access to the latest features.
  2. Your smartphone’s battery also lasts longer.

Because Old Updated Apps not only use your RAM more but also reduce your Battery. So always update your Android Apps and uninstall Un-Necessary Apps.

05- Brightness Settings

The most important thing about a smartphone is that you can easily increase and decrease its brightness. But many times we all auto select it, due to which our phone mostly produces high focus, and absorbs more battery.

Therefore, you should always keep the brightness of your smartphone low and increase it only when needed, so that the battery of your smartphone can last longer.

06- Background Apps

Now by background apps, we mean those apps which we do not close after using and start using other apps or features. In such a situation, the apps that we had opened earlier are still running.

While you know that Android apps use your phone’s RAM and battery to run, you also know that because of this, your phone’s battery runs out very quickly.

Therefore, you should close all those apps properly, which you are not currently using, because by doing this your phone’s battery will be spent less and will last longer.

07- Sound Plus Vibration

Vibration is the most important reason for the rapid deterioration of the battery of any mobile phone because in Vibration Mode your phone uses your battery in a very large amount.

All of us mostly keep our phone in Sound Plus Vibration Mode, due to which whenever someone makes a call on our phone, our phone’s battery is spent more and gets spoiled quickly.

Therefore, when you do not need it, keep your smartphone on sound mode, due to which the battery life of your smartphone increases more and your smartphone lasts longer.

08- Power Saving Mode

The feature of Power Saving Mode is available inside almost all smartphones, which turns off or reduces all your extra features, sound, light, apps so that your smart phone’s battery is spent less and longer. Lasts till.

Therefore, when not needed, you should put your smartphone on Power Saving Mode, so that you have a sufficient amount of battery available at the time of need, and by doing so, your smartphone’s battery life also increases.

09- Close Auto Sync Feature

Auto Sync Features should always be turned off because many Android Apps are installed in our SmartPhone which gets Auto Refreshed again and again due to Auto Sync, due to which more of our Smart Phone’s Ram and Battery. Used and the battery drains quickly.

You can also save your smartphone’s battery from spending more by turning off the Auto Sync feature.

10- Screen Light out Timing

In both Smart Phone and Normal Phone, you are given the option of Screen Lighting. With which you can keep your display on for a certain amount of time.

In such a situation, we set its time for a longer time so that even when we keep our phone, the screen of our smartphone remains on for that time. Due to this, the battery of our smartphone gets spent more.

how to avoid

There are also two ways to avoid the problem of Screen Light Out-

Whenever your smartphone is not working, then lock it, which automatically turns off your screen.

You can reduce the timing of Screen Light Out so that in a short time the screen of your smartphone automatically turns off after the same time like 10 Sec, 15 Sec, etc.

In Conclusion of Smartphone Ke Battery Backup

We all like to have a smartphone and use it, but because of this, the battery of our smartphone is also spent more, but if you use the 10 tips that we have told you above, then it is important that You will not only be able to use your smartphone’s battery for a long time, but your smartphone’s battery does not deteriorate quickly.

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