How to Increase Website Traffic for Free Complete Detail

How to Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free Complete Detail-Hello Friends In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some such topics, by using which you can bring traffic to Million on your website and that too for absolutely free.

Increase Website Traffic for Free

Today all the bloggers on the Internet are searching for only one thing that how to increase the traffic on the website, because without traffic your website is useless and is of no use. But in real sense, bloggers never pay attention to those things due to which traffic is not coming to their website. If we tell you about how to bring traffic to the website or you search on the Internet, then you will get many articles, you will get many techniques, you are also using all of them but still the result is 0.

Now here comes 2 questions 1- After all, despite how much people search daily on the Internet, traffic is not coming to you. 2. The internet report says that Topics are being searched in Daily Billion, then all this traffic goes Where is it?

The answer to both the questions is only one – all the traffic is going to those websites which are ranking on the top. That’s why you should start working on some basic factors first, keep a little passion, after that in 2 to 3 months you will start getting results.

Now what are the basic factors that you have to take care of as well as what are the ways by which you can get traffic immediately. We will cover this in the 10 points given below. How useful the article is for you, only then you will be able to understand and if you want to know in a quick way, then you will find many articles containing 35 tricks and 50 tricks on the internet, you can check them.

How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

There are 10 reasons to get traffic on the website and there are also 10 tricks to increase traffic on the website, we will try to cover both the things inside the topic so that you can understand better.

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01. Find your Competitor

When you create a blog, it is based on a niche, now many blogs related to your niche are available on the Internet, you can make a list of all the blogs coming on top of them like Top 10, so that you The first thing will be clear about who your competitor is and how they work.

First of all you start reading their blogs, try to understand how they are writing their article, what kind of words they are using, what kind of images they use and most importantly what type of heading. and use Sub-Headings.

After this, you see which posts on their blog show on the top in the search result. By which you will get a topic on which topic you have to start work. After getting the topic, you have to find alternative keywords, so that you can create more and more articles on the same topic.

The advantage of this will be that you will be able to link all the articles to each other through Internal Linking. So that the user can visit your other articles by clicking on those links and traffic can also come to the rest of your articles.

Because unless there is traffic on your article, you cannot rank. That’s why Internal Linking is very important.

02. Create a Fast Loading Website

The biggest reason for not ranking the website on the search engine is the slowness of the website, because you are doing the rest of the things perfectly. Now the question is how to increase the speed of the website. Which is the simplest –

Add a Lightweight Theme – First of all, you install a Light Weight Theme.

Use CDN – After this you use CDN (Content Delivery Network) such as CloudFare. This will start loading your content quickly on different servers.

Use Cache Plugins – There are many Free Cache Plugins available on WordPress. You can use any one of them.

By using just these three things, the loading speed of your website will be amazing and you will be able to rank the website easily. Apart from this, there is no need to do anything else because if you go to do more than this, then only Tention is going to be available and nothing else.

03. Use Keyword Research Tools before writing your article

If you are blogging and not doing Keyword Research, then believe me, nothing stupid can happen. Because when you do not know what kind of words people are searching for and what is the volume of that keyword, what is the competition and what is the CPC, then everything is useless.

So you first get the information about what the keyword is, after that we have updated the list of 10 Best Free Keyword Tools, check it out and out of them you can use Keyword Planner.

04- Create Unique and Quality Content for your Blog

Unique and Quality Content Everyone says that you should create similar content but how can you create truly Unique and Quality Content? Because if you go to talk about anything, then other bloggers are also saying the same thing because how can you write differently about the thing as it is?

If we write about Blogger, then Blogger is a CMS which is free and using it you can create a blog for free, etc. This is available on all blogs, so how can you write something different than this?

If you are facing this problem, then we will tell you only one thing and you will always be able to create unique content.

That is Research, when you think of writing on a topic, first do research, use it, feel, understand and see how things are happening and how they are working.

After this, whatever experience you have, write it in your blog, that too with an example. Then it will be so easy for you to write an example because you have experienced that thing, you know what can happen by doing it. Write the same thing on your blog and your article will become 100% Unique and Quality Content.

For example – You have already done so much research, now once you search this topic on the Internet and have a look at other articles and decide for yourself how many articles are on the same keyword and whether our article matches them anywhere.

05. Regular Post

You can take an example of this from our blog itself, earlier 60% of our posts used to come in top 10 but now all have disappeared, traffic is negligible. Now think about how the blog that ranks in the top 10 has disappeared today, what could be the reason for this.

We tell you, not just 1 regular, if you check our blog, then we have taken such a long gap in writing the post that the search engine has also got confused, is this blogger active or has gone somewhere.

Understand this in such a way that when you do any work regularly on the Internet, it has an impact, even if it is late, along with all the users on your blog, they know what kind of posts you write. If so, those who like your way of writing keep visiting your blog.

But when you stop writing, there is nothing new for them and they also stop coming to your blog, due to not being regular, the search engine ends your ranking down and your traffic goes up like a curve, it goes down.

So be regular, if you do not have any topic to write, then you should modify the old article, it is also very beneficial and must be done from time to time.

06. Using Social Media Networks

Using Social Media Networks and traffic will increase on your website, everyone knows this but how and which networks to use. First let’s talk about how? Social Media Sites are meant to interact with people and not to send traffic to the website. If you think that the link should be shared and traffic starts getting, then you have already done it and you already know the result.

There is no need to share the link at all because if you focus a little  then people will start asking you for the link themselves. You need to present your content on social media in a better way, to use those methods which are being used on social media today.

Like- Instagram, earlier Instagram is used only for photo sharing and not many people even used it. But then TikTok came and there was a flood of reals, the government closed TikTok, then people wanted a platform, then they came to Instagram.

Now if you think that by making images on Instagram or uploading a video related to your topic, then you will benefit a lot, but if you want to take big advantage, then first understand it a little.

People on Instagram do not even watch to see Real Promotion, so if you do this then there will be a waste of time, because people come here only for entertainment, so if you make your topic a little interesting, then do things a little differently. He will start enjoying it and he will become your fan.

07. Email Marketing

Normally Bloggers ignore Email Marketing, because it is very lengthy work, it takes a lot of time and there are many problems from where to get many Email IDs and how to send mail. But believe me, we had promoted one of our websites only for 1 month and today there is so much traffic on it that we had never even imagined.

That is why we have also updated the article on Advantage of Email Marketing, you must check it once. We will soon make articles and videos related to the rest of Email Marketing, so that you can take full advantage of it. For now, if you are not doing Email Marketing, then check your Comments, you will get a lot of Email ID and write some information about your latest post and send it by linking it, if you get response then you must contact us. Do it.

Because if you are interested, then we also enjoy explaining things, and we can tell you some such things which you can understand and you can also take advantage of it. Because without experience all things are useless, so try it first and then we will definitely talk about it too.

08. Question Answering Site

Initially we used Google Plus a lot, and we do not use Yahoo Question Answer Site even today. But so far a little answer on Quora, you can take Idea by looking at our account.

We will not recommend you to use Quora or any other Question Answering Site at all, because it is only for people with experience. If you have knowledge in your topic then only you go to Quora and if not then first take experience, practice and learn things then go to Quora.

That is why we did not use Quora and the rest of the Question Answering Site earlier, because earlier we did not have the knowledge even today, but there is so much time experience due to which we answer some questions.

Why are we not recommending this to you first, people often understand about Quora that they put the link in the answer and they will get clicks, which is completely wrong, on the contrary, your account will be suspended.

So put a link in the profile, give the correct answer to the question, if the user is interested, he will himself go to your profile and visit your website, for which Passions are needed and people do not have that inside, so we do not recommend. But in the truest sense, you can get traffic in the millions.

09. Internal Linking

Often people understand the meaning of internal linking that adding links to other posts of your own blog in your post is called internal linking, it is also true, but is there any benefit from it, have you got any benefit from it so far? .

No, you have not got any benefit at all, do you know why? Since you have added the link but it has not said why the user should click on that link. Understand that unless you tell the user why he should click on your link, he is never going to click.

Therefore, create the importance of your internal link, the user should know in advance that by clicking on the link, he can get to know about that topic in detail, only then he will click on the link otherwise he will never click.

For example – you go up to this page and see where we have done internal linking and read that paragraph once again and understand that if you do not already have information on that topic, then do you click or not, You will get the answer and you will understand how you should do internal linking.

10. Make Videos on your Topic

YouTube and Facebook both give you the facility to upload videos for free, for which you neither have to buy hosting, nor do you have to buy a domain or buy anything else, yet you are not making videos related to your topic.

While 80% of users like watching videos more than reading articles, take your own example, after reading such a long article, now the same thing is coming in your mind, if they had made a video, then how good it would be, you can take a video with ease. Enjoy and understand things.

This happens to everyone, so why don’t you take advantage of this. You make videos and upload them to YouTube and Facebook, which will give you 2 benefits-

1. Earning- Both YouTube and Facebook provide the facility to monetize videos and you can earn good money from it.

2. Blog Promotion – You can see your website in all your videos or tell about the domain that our website is, visit for more information. Let us know how much this can benefit you.

For Example – Suppose you have created 10 Posts related to a topic, one Main Article which is your target article and you are using the rest 9 Alternative Articles to redirect jokes, now you have also made 10 videos and all on your website. Shared the link to the main article of.

Advantages of Video Marketing

Now out of those 10 videos, traffic is coming from YouTube on average of 100 per day on 2 videos, meaning 200 users per day, 10 of them users click on your given link, then how much traffic do you get 20 from YouTube like this from Facebook you get 20 traffic.

In total you start getting 40 traffic a day, while the search volume for your target keyword is 1K per day, so when traffic is coming from internal links and videos on your post, then your post will also rank and gradually top but will come.

Now you think that if your post is ranking on the top, then how much traffic you are getting direct, how much from internal links and how much from YouTube and how much from Question Answering Sites and how much from Social Media Sites.

Simply put, you will start getting 1000’s of traffic per day from a single topic and if, if you work continuously, you will have at least 10-20 topics and now you calculate how much you will get in a day. Traffic can be found.

But this is possible only when you understand things and use them properly, otherwise like other blogs, you read this page and forget and then search on the Internet how to bring traffic to the blog.

In Conclusion of How to Increase Website Traffic for Free

Bringing traffic to the blog is not a big deal, the big thing happens when the user benefits from your article, he gets the knowledge, after reading your blog, he feels that he has not made any mistake by visiting your blog.

Unless you have an attachment with your user, there is no use in your blogging, and user attachment will happen only when your content is strong, and content will have power only if you have complete knowledge about it or not. Yes, there must be experience.

After this, you have to be a little patient because after making any changes you can not get instant results. Yes, you should definitely get a short response, if you are not getting it, then it still means that there is still something missing in your content, find it and fix it.

If you have read the article completely, then you will definitely tell us your opinion about this article by commenting. Along with this, if you have any suggestions, then definitely share it in the comments so that we, you and the user can benefit.

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