loom solar is the best solar system for home

loom solar Are you also looking for a good solar system for your home? With which you can run equipment like TV, Fan, Light, etc. So today in this article we are going to tell you all the important information related to the solar system. What is Solar System? How does it work? Why is it necessary? He must read the article till the end to get answers to all other questions.

First of all, let us know that there is a solar system.

loom solar

loom solar

The solar system is a device that works on solar energy. It collects the rays coming from the sun and uses them to generate electricity. Which we are able to use easily to run the equipment of our house, house, shop.

How is it made?

A solar system requires a solar panel, charge controller, solar inverter and battery, and connecting wires.

How does it work?

The working of the loom solar system is very simple. When the sun’s rays fall on the solar panel installed in the solar system, then that solar panel collects the rays and generates electricity from them. The electricity generated is stored in the solar battery. Which is used to run household appliances like fans, TVs, lights, etc.

How is it different?

After installing a solar system, you do not have to depend on government electricity. You can run a full load of your home using solar energy only with the help of the solar system only.

Why is it necessary?

We are all well aware of the problem of electricity in rural areas. Untimely power outages and not coming for a long time often add to the problems of the people. Due to the lack of electricity at the night, the house becomes dark and children also face difficulties in studies as well as other important work done by electricity also stops. Despite such a problem, the electricity bill cost does not come down. In such a situation, the only solution left is to install a solar system.

What are its benefits?

  • no dependence on government electricity
  • Reducing operating costs The solar-powered agricultural pump utilizes free available sunlight.
  • easy and reliable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • financially beneficial
  • enough productivity
  • Easy installation and relocation.

types of solar systems

There are three types of solar systems-

  • on-grid solar system
  • off-grid solar system
  • Hybrid Solar System

how much does this cost?

In the current market, loom solar systems are available in every budget range from low cost to high cost. Which can easily run all the load of the house such as lights, fans, and other appliances.

If your home loan is 800 watts. So it will be suitable for you to install a 1KW solar system. For which 100 sq. ft space is required.

Batteries, inverters, charge controllers, and connecting wires are also used in a solar system. Due to this, the average price of a 1KW solar system in the Indian solar markets ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000.

Who are its manufacturers in India?

Whenever you are going to install a solar system in your home, take special care of these things-

How many watts of electricity are needed in the house?
Half of the total wattage of the solar panel should be an AH battery. For example, there should be a 50 Ah battery on a 100-watt solar panel.
DC usage will require a solar charge controller and AC usage will require a solar inverter.
Always buy a solar system from a trusted company
Nowadays you can also buy a solar system online. Companies like LOOM SOLAR also provide solar installation facilities.

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