The Story and History of Mumbai Taj Hotel.

Mumbai Taj Hotel-Friends, today we are going to tell you through this article about the Taj Hotel located in the Apollo Bandar Colaba place of Mumbai city, which is also called the Taj of the head of Mumbai, in this article today you will know the reason behind the construction of the Taj Hotel. So let’s go ahead and know the story.

Mumbai Taj Hotel

Mumbai Taj Hotel history

About Taj Hotel The full name of the Taj Hotel is the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. It is a five-star hotel, which is just opposite the Gateway of India. It is the most beautiful hotel in India. The building of this hotel is 116 years old. There is a part which has 560 rooms and 44 suites, tourists coming from abroad also like this hotel very much, the beauty of this building attracts people very much.

The story behind why the Taj was built in the end.

An interesting story is hidden behind the construction of the Taj Mahal Hotel, which you probably do not know. The story from reading to reading was also completed like Mayanagari.

Injury to the heart of a patriot, who does not get entry in a hotel and because of this he laid the foundation of Taj The Lumair brothers did their first film show in Mumbai’s luxurious Watson Hotel, only British people came to see these shows because there was a placard outside the Watson Hotel, on which was written Indian and dogs did not enter the hotel. can do

Jamshed Tata of Mumbai Tata group also went to Watson Hotel on 7 July 1896 to see the Lumair brothers’ film but due to being Indian, he did not get entry inside the hotel, and only then did his heart got hurt, Jamshed Tata took Watson hotel after 2 years. A magnificent Taj Hotel was built by demolishing the buildings of this hotel, on 14 December 1903, this beautiful hotel was ready, at that time a placard was also hanging on the door of this hotel.

On which it was written that the British and Billia could not come inside, this 116-year-old building has 560 rooms and 44 suites. This was the first hotel in Mumbai to have electricity. On the day of the inauguration, 17 guests stayed in this hotel, whose rent was only for one room. 10 rupees, at that time about 25 lakh rupees were spent in the construction of this hotel, the work of building this hotel was given to the British engineer WA Chambers, it was built under his supervision and its credit went to Khan Saheb Sorabji Ratan Ji. also goes.

The beauty of the Taj  hotel

The beauty of this hotel is as little as it can be praised. Along with the luxury rooms inside this hotel, all the facilities that are available in a five-star hotel such as business center, conference room, swimming pool, fitness gym. , Spa and Body Massage, Restaurant, Children’s Play Area, and all kinds of dishes are prepared here which are very tasty to eat.

mumbai taj hotel attack

That day was the night of 26 November 2008 when terrorists attacked the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, due to which there was a lot of damage to the Taj Hotel. But many passengers were also shot and the hotel was completely destroyed from inside.

About 500 tourists were staying in this hotel that day, the terrorists also fired bullets at them, due to which they were very nervous, which many tourists were injured and some were killed by bullets, after this the Mumbai Police and the police for the security of the hotel. The soldiers of the Military Force reached there and for a long time, there was a gunfight between the terrorists and the police force, but the terrorists did not give up, after a lot of hard work, the Mumbai Police and the military personnel got the Taj Hotel out of the clutches of the terrorists, There was a lot of damage to the Taj Hotel, in the meantime the hotel was closed for some time, during which some soldiers of our country were also martyred.

Reconstruction of Taj Hotel after the attack

The re-construction of the Taj Hotel cost about 1.75 million and the hotel was opened to tourists on 15 August 2010, after which the beauty of this hotel was made more beautiful. The hotel after a lot of tourist reconstruction I had come to stay.

After the reconstruction of the attack on the Taj Hotel, on November 6, 2010, the well-known President of the United States, Barack Obama, came to this hotel and stayed here. Barack Obama was the first foreigner who stayed in the hotel after the attack and he was there. He paid tribute to all the martyrs who lost their lives in the Mumbai attack and said in his address that the Taj is a symbol of the organization and friendly of Indians, which reflects the Indian culture.

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