pi network review How to earn Pi Coin Know about the pi network app

pi network review –friends, you must have heard about cryptocurrency. Before understanding Pi, you need to know about Cryptocurrency.

How to earn Pi Coin|Know about pi network review and pi network app

What is CryptoCurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of currency i.e. currency but it is virtual. That is, the way we use Rupee, Dollar, cryptocurrency is used in the same way but it is a completely digital or virtual currency. You can do every transaction with its help.

use digital currency. can also see it in your wallet i.e. on your laptop, mobile, but you cannot touch it like any other currency.

Click here to know more about Cryptocurrency. Currently, there are many cryptocurrencies available, whose circulation is increasing. Today we will learn about a cryptocurrency, whose name is – Pi

How to earn Pi Coin Know about pi network review and pi network app

What is Pi? pi network review

Pi Network is a digital cryptocurrency created by a team of Stanford PhDs and graduates. This is the first digital currency in itself, which you can mine through your mobile.

That is, the way other Cryptocurrencies are mined, in the same way, this Digital Currency is also mined. But a very powerful computer is used to mine another cryptocurrency, but you do not need any powerful computer or GPU to mine Pi, just you can do it through your mobile.
In a very short time, many people have joined Pi and the number of people joining it is increasing continuously.

How can you earn money by mining through mobile on Pi network?

To earn Pi, you can create your own team along with mining from your mobile. The bigger your team, your coins will also increase. That is, you can mine more when the team is bigger. Once connected to the Pi network, the mine has to be started again after 24 hours. Which can happen with a single touch. That is, you can mine your coins by installing an app and starting the mine once in 24 hours.

If you want to do mining then download the app of the pi network. This app is also available on the google play store and iOS platform. After installed, open this app. After filling in the details you will be asked for Referral Code.

You can add my referral code and join my team.

My referral code is –123iqrarali. One of the features of this app is that while mining from mobile, it does not drain the battery of your mobile.

How to earn Pi Coin|Know about pi network review and pi network app
How to earn Pi Coin|Know about pi network review and pi network app

This app is based on cloud mining. As you keep mining, you will start earning money.

Let’s know about this app in detail.

If you have installed this app and added my referral code then you will see this screen.

On this screen, you have to press the button of the lighting icon, after every 24 hours. So you can earn money by mining. If you press that button again, you will see this screen.

In that, you will see 4 roles.

  1. Pioneer
  2. Contributor
  3. Ambassador
  4. Node

Pioneer role –

This role will be selected by default by you.

2.Contributor –

You will have to unlock this role. For this, you have to press that lightning button after every 24 hours. You have to do this 3 times. Meaning the first 24 hours after, the second 24 hours after that, and the third 24 hours after that. In this way, you will be able to unlock this role. In this role, by making a circle of 5 people, you can increase your mining and earn more money.

Ambassador –

In this role, you can earn more money by inviting your friends. The more friends you add, the more you will earn.

Node –

How to earn Pi Coin|Know about pi network review and pi network app
How to earn Pi Coin|Know about pi network review and pi network app

Through this, you can run mining software on your computer and make Pi blockchain more secure. But this feature has not come yet. When it comes, I will update you.

If you want to invest in the pi network, then do it now because this app is still in its initial stages and its users are growing very fast. Install and use my 123iqrarali referral code. You can also check their website https://minepi.com/. This app is 100% real.

Friends, hope you have come to know what is Pi Network and how easily you can do meaning in it. If you have any questions related to Pi, you must ask by commenting. I will try my best to get the answer to every question related to Pi.

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