Recent enhancement in cooling systems of smartphone

Recent enhancement

Recent enhancement in cooling systems of smartphone-One must have heard a lot about liquid cooling and cooling technology in the phones launched today, which keep the phone’s hardware cool. Actually, there was a time when the phones used to get hot or their back panel used to heat up after playing more games. Not only did the phone hang, but the battery backup of the phone was also affected. Let us know what is the cooling technology in the phone and how it works.

Recent enhancement in cooling systems of smartphone

How Smartphone Cooling System Works.

Modern phones are a type of miniature computers designed to be carried in a pocket. These devices are very powerful and range from simple features like calling, photography, video calling, watching videos, and playing games. In such a situation, while completing so many tasks, this small device starts heating up, which affects its performance. In such a situation, companies have found a solution to this problem through cooling system technology. However, it is not easy to install a cooling system like a computer in it. This technology was heard in the year 2017 but Poco F1 was not the first phone to come with this technology. Rather, Samsung launched the Galaxy S7 with a water cooling system.

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This is how a liquid cooling system works.

Samsung was the first to come up with this system. Along with the water cooling pipe comes the copper thermal heat pipe, which is capable of carrying the heat away from the CPU. A very small amount of fluid is present inside this tube.

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Underwater cooling, the process of cooling the phone’s hardware is very condensed. As the processor produces heat, the liquid vaporizes and cools the CPU. After this, the steam starts moving in the opposite direction. After that, it again turns into a cold liquid and comes back to the CPU. This whole process takes place with carbon fiber thermal interface material. A thermal gel cooling system is also used in many phones. Let us tell you that the entire cooling system works as a single layer.

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