sharechat : What are the app and its advantage?

Sharechat is an Indian app, which is a very popular application, it is used by millions of people, you must have used WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, you must have seen the status of your friends many times, which is written below sharechat, people who like WhatsApp Facebook Those who use the application must be familiar with sharechat, This app is used a lot today in India.

Nowadays, this app is available on every Indian’s mobile, which is very popular, at the time many people use sharechat,because this app gives you a lot of entertainment, in this app, you will get videos photos and many jokes in this application You can also watch this entertainment absolutely free and you can also share it with your friends!

You can also chat and talk with your friends through this app, just like whatsup, LinkedIn and Instagram, you will get to see all the features in sharechat applications like TikTok and likee app, you will find many different from WhatsApp and Instagram while chatting. See the features! what makes the app fun in india


In Sharechat, you will also get to see different types of stickers, you can upload your made videos, and photos on this app and the most amazing thing are that you can also earn money with the help of this sharechat india . In this, all the information is given in detail, if you follow it step by step, then let’s see about Sherchat.


Friends sharechat is also an entertainment app like TikTok but TikTok is very different in this you will see many more different features sharechat was created by IIT students and in 2015 it was launched on play store sharechat Which is now being used by millions of people

In sharechat , you will get to see many such entertainment things as videos, photos, and jokes for entertainment, which you can share with your family or your friends and enjoy the app. You can also follow your friends’ accounts. And you can also share the post by creating your own account! If you also want to become famous through sharechat , then you can also become famous by creating your account on sharechat, you can share your own created videos, photos, and jokes on your sharechat account, you must have seen it on Tiktok india. Anyone becomes famous overnight, there is a reason for that!

information about sharechat

Friends, as you all know ShareChat india is an Indian social media platform. Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. Developed by the company. And the founders of the sharechat app are Kush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh and Fareed Ahsan. The sharechat was launched on 8th January 2015. Sharechat has more than 130 million monthly active users in 15 Indian languages which is a big deal for sharechat india. App of every Indian


The sharechat has features that include private messaging, tagging, and personalized messaging services like WhatsApp, allowing you to share videos, jokes, songs, and other language-based social content with other unknown people india

how to create an account in sharechat app?

Step 1: First of all go to your Google Playstore account and download the sharechat app Step 2: As soon as you download the sharechat app and open it, you will get the option of language, you have to select any one language Step 3: As soon as you open it You will select the language, mobile number, gender, and your name will be asked in front of you, you have to fill all that Step 4: You have to click on the submit button to fill this information Step 5: As soon as you click on the submit button, OTP will come on your mobile. You have to enter that OTP and submit it again

How to use the Sharechat app?

1) Your Sharechat account will be activated as soon as you have submitted all your information. 2) As soon as your Sharechat account will be activated, as soon as you open the account, the home page of Sharechat will open in front of you! 3) You will see the option of home at the beginning itself, there you can see the photos, and videos of all, if it is said in the easy language then it is Sharechat timeline! 4) You will see five options at the bottom of each photo or video

  • Share
  • Comments
  • Like Repost
  • Save

You will see a button named Treasure on the side of the home button, as soon as you click on that button, many categories will come in front of you, you can select the category of the videos you want to watch! 6) You will see the icon of ‘+’ next to the treasured button, from there you can post your videos or photos on your Sharechat account! 7) You will get the option of chat on the side of ‘+’, you can open that option and chat with your friends! 8) On the side of the chat option, you will get the button of the profile, in which you will have all your information, from there you can put your profile picture, change your name, give your followers and enter a description about yourself.

How to earn money from the app?

Friends, many people watch share chat just for entertainment, but there are some people who are earning a lot of money from share chat, this question must have come to your mind can this application really earn money? Yes, friends, we can earn money from this application, we are telling you some such ideas from which you can earn money with the help of Sharechat application, so let’s see friends! Information to earn money from this app


SHARECHAT CAMPAIN – Friends, this is a championship in which you get thousands of rupees but there are some rules for this too, to take part in this championship, you have to make 5 videos from the camera of share chat which should have its own audio as soon as you see it You will record five videos in your own voice with the share chat camera, after a few days a star icon will appear on your profile!

As soon as that icon will appear on your profile, you can take part in this championship as soon as you click on that star, a leaderboard will come in front of you, you can earn up to 50 thousand rupees there, you will get to see who earns how much money. Now let’s see how you can earn money from it, friends, to earn money, you have to first get selected for the championship program, let’s see how your selection will be done.


It has been written in the rules of share chat that only original creators will be given money, which means only those who make videos with their original voice, many people post anyone’s video on their sharechat account. There may be a risk of getting deleted, you only have to post your original video.

On the original side, you can make videos on share chat in any language, you can upload any kind of information on your sharechat account, your selection is based on your content base, the more your content is new, the more your chances of selection are higher. is.

Friends, you have to post your own original content to be selected, the sharechat team has an eye on you, whether your content is original or not, your content is checked whether you have uploaded someone else’s video, if you are real then Your selection will be quick, in this way you will be selected

how you will get money and how much money

Now friends suppose you have been selected, now let’s see how and how much you get money, your three videos will be seen here, which is your own content, in a week your top three videos, the team of sharechat will see your likes and your top three. How many people saw the video and how many people shared your video!

By combining those three videos of yours, a weekly rank will be made, which means your weekly score will be made and according to the rank which will be made, you will get money by adding all the four weeks of the month, you will get money for the month in the last of every month. Will see you!

According to your rank and that money will be transferred to your Paytm account, you will be given money by Paytm on the same account number you have given while creating the account.

Sharechat Categories

Friends, if seen in the sharechat application, there are 13 different types of categories, in which you will get to see different types of videos or photos related to that category in each category, so let us know about all these categories in detail! we tell you about it

  1. Following – In this category you will get to see the videos and photos of the people you have followed, like if you followed your friends or followed a celebrity like if they posted a new video or photo, then you would get that photo or video from this category. See you in the category! Or if you say it directly, you will continue to get the notification
  2. Popular – In this category, you will get to see the videos which people liked more and more and other people may be inappropriate if it is said in easy language, then you will get to see viral videos in this category!
  3. video-You will get to see all the videos in this category, whether it is a new user or an old user, you will get to see all the videos here!
  4. Corona Virus – This category has been added by sharechat a few days back within the sharechat application. I’ll see you!
  1. News – Friends, in this category you will get to see the news of politics, big news related to the country and the world, which means that you will get to see videos of news related to all those things happening in our country!
  2. Movie – Songs – Who does not like songs nowadays, that’s why sharechat has created this special category, in this category you will get to see the videos of all the new old songs as well as some good scenes from your favorite movies. You will also get to see this category. !
  3. Sports – If you are also a sports lover then this category is for you. In this category, you will get to see videos related to cricket, football, hockey, and other sports, for example, who can forget the match in which Yuvraj Singh scored 6 balls. I had put 6 sixes, you will get to see some kind of entertainment-filled videos in that category!
  4. Love – In this category you will get to see love-related poetry, love songs, and love-related photos, which you can share on any of your social media platforms!
  5. Greetings – This is a very beautiful category created by sharechat, if it is the birthday of any of your friends or any festival, you will find all the videos of this type of wish in this category!
  6. WhatsApp – Friends, you must have seen many WhatsApp statuses of your friends, in which after the end of the video, sharechat is written, they download that status from this category, in this category you get video status or photos for WhatsApp!
  7. Devotional – God is loved by all, in this category you will get to see the status of devotional songs and photos of inspirational thoughts of God, which you can also share with your friends and share on your other social media platforms. is!
  8. Funny – This category is for those people who like to read jokes and watch funny videos because in this category you are going to get some such funny videos and jokes which will make you laugh a lot!
  9. Fashion – This category is for those people who have more interest in fashion because here you will get to see fashion-related videos like mehndi, different types of hairstyles, the different fashion of clothes, this type of saree videos I will see you in this category!
    So, friends, this was the whole category of a share chat application, hope now you must have understood all the categories of sharechat, hope you have got complete information about these categories and you do not face any problems in using it. If you have any problems then you can ask by commenting

how to increase followers on ShareChat

Content – ​​Friends, who do not want to increase followers nowadays, everyone wants that they should also have more and more followers, if you also want to increase more and more followers on sharechat application, then the content is a very important thing for that, you will get absolutely original followers. Not fake if your content is good, it is new!


If people like it more then it is obvious that people will share it and the more shares your video will get, the more traffic more people will visit your account and follow your account, that’s why you have to increase followers. Unique content matters a lot too!

Trending – Trending is also a big part of increasing your followers, many people do not know what is trending You saw the same video on a social media platform, you will see that video everywhere, it means that the video is going viral, if a video is going viral, then we call it trending!


Now how can you increase followers through this, if any such video is going viral, what you have to do is you have to make a video on the same topic and if you want, you can also add something new to that trend. The video which has been made by the trending video should be liked by the people and along with the same trending video, your video should also become viral!


You must have seen many times on Tiktok that the person who has created a new trend, someone else on the same trend takes many more likes and followers by differentiating it, you have to do the same, make a video on the new trend and post it. Maybe due to that trend, your video also becomes viral, and more and more followers increase on your share chat account, then trending is also very important to increase your followers!

Daily Post – Friends, the next way to increase followers is Daily Post, friends, you have to be active on your sharechat account every day, you have to post at least 5 to 6 videos every day which is your original content, and that video you have from sharechat camera. If you post 5 to 6 videos every day, then your videos are sent to more and more people from the side of sharechat and slowly your videos start going viral.

Now you must be thinking that why to take video from sharechat, camera because if you take video from sharechat, camera then sharechat itself makes that video richer means if you made a video status and posted it on your account and assume you 500 views came on that video and if you made the same video with sharechat, camera then you will easily get 1000 to 2000 view on that video and more view and video will be on your account more your followers will increase so you should post videos every day Have to do that too posted from sharechat camera!


So, friends, these were some ways to increase followers, if you follow them well, then 100% you can increase your followers, that too in a very real way, you do not have to adopt any illegal way to increase your followers, by this your sharechat The account may also be blocked, that’s why follow these tricks and increase your followers, it will definitely take some time but the followers will definitely increase!

How to share and save Sharechat videos?

Friends, you watch sharechat app for entertainment and earn money from it, if you like any video and you want to share that video with your friends or want to save that video in your mobile gallery then you How can do this!

How to share video – Friends, these features have been given in the sharechat app in a very easy way, you will see the icon of WhatsApp under the photo or video, and if you click on that icon, your WhatsApp will open in front of you and with whom you will share this video. To share, you have to click on its name and press the send button, your video will be shared, if you ask to keep the same video status on your WhatsApp account, then that option will open in front of you, if you want, keep that video status too. can!


How to save video – If you are watching any video on sharechat app and you like that video and you want to save it in your gallery then how to do it is very easy, friends, you have to save a ‘save’ at the bottom of the video. You have to click on that button, as soon as you click on that button, your video will be saved on your phone, you can watch that video whenever you want.

Chatting in Sharechat

As soon as you open the share chat, you will get the option of a chat below, you have to click on that option, as soon as you click on that option, three types of chat options will open in front of you, you can see that option below!

  1. In this option, you can chat with those people who are your friends, live you have followed, whatever conversations you will have with those people, you will get to see all those conversations in this option, share chat has a backup for chatting option. It is also kept if for some reason you have uninstalled sharechat and you installed sharechat back and you want all the chats that you had with friends back, then you get that chat back as if not in WhatsApp. If you uninstall WhatsApp and install it back, then you do not get the old chats back if you have not backed up, but in sharechat you do not need to back up all your chats without backup, this is a very good feature of sharechat.
  2. Chat Room – Friends, you will get another option inside the chat option, in this option of a chat room, you can create your own chat room, in simple language, you can create a group like WhatsApp and you can also share your friends. You can add to that chat room and all your friends can talk together, below that you will get an option of popular which will be groups made by people, if you want, you can chat with people in those groups and they are also new. can make friends
  3. Unknown – Friends, inside this option you will see the message of the person who has not followed you and still want to talk to you, you will see the message of those people in this option, this option has been given by sharechat because you should understand That person has not followed you and you have not followed that person, yet that person messaged you, then you should see such messages separately, that’s why sharechat has given this option

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last word

Friends hope that you must have understood what is Sharechat App, if you also learned to earn money from sharechat with the help of this article and you liked this article, then share this article with as many friends as possible with your family members. Share with us so that he too can earn money with the help of this article and can make his new identity, if you have any problem related to this article, then you can ask us in the comment, thank you!

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