solar mobile charger : makes it the easy way

solar mobile charger : Are you thinking of making such a charger device in the hot sun of this summer which can be a solar mobile charger, charged by sunlight and that too without electricity then you have come to the right place, today I will teach you how to make a solar mobile charger through this article? You can easily make a solar mobile charger at your home by just adding a few electric components.

Although there is a lot of information available on the internet to make a solar mobile charger, there is no logic to making them, before making any electric device, we have to think about making it according to the need of the one we will make, only then we will get success. I find it is not that I have to make some stubborn clothes and put that clothes on an ant and let me also tell you that all the information on the internet is incomplete except for a few things.

solar mobile charger

solar mobile charger

To make a solar mobile charger, will definitely take some money from your pocket, then you must also pay attention to it, if you already have small size solar panels, then it is fine that will work for you, if not, then you will have to buy it from the internet. Only then will you be able to make this charger, so let’s learn how to make it.

The mobile for which we will make a charger, first of all, check how many amperes are on the charger of that mobile, as if my mobile is charged with 1-ampere charger, then I will make a solar charger with 1 ampere.


electric component

cardboard or thermocol
ic7805 fix 5v
2 Pcs Solar Panel 3.8v/1amp
charger wire

how to make a solar mobile charger

First of all, we will make a card box to keep the solar panel, whose size is 16×7 = 2 pieces / 16×9=2 pieces, and to lock the box one side will take a piece of the card box. Now with the help of fevicol or glue gun, we will prepare a box to keep the solar charger sticking around.

solar mobile charger

If you want, you can make the size of the box according to your size and make a hole in the middle for the wire to come out. Now we will connect two-piece solar panels (1 amp / 3.8v ) to the Siris and stick the solar plate with the help of glue by taking the two wires positive and negative wires out of the hole of the box. After soldering in Siris, the calculation of our solar panel will come close to 1amp / 7.5 volts, which is enough for mobile charging.

After doing all this, now we have to connect the two wires (+) and (-) coming out of the solar panel with the ic so that our mobile does not get much voltage and our mobile is saved from getting damaged. We will connect the positive wire of the panel to the input (1) of the ic and the negative in the middle as you can understand by looking at the image below.

Now we have to connect the wire with the charger pin to this ic 7805, for that, we will connect its ground wire in the middle of this ic and the positive wire to output (3), in this way our solar mobile charging circuit will be ready and this By keeping the box in the sun, we can charge our mobile comfortably.

mobile battery charger

Although there are many ways to charge your mobile without electricity, the best way is through a solar system, and here we will tell you the smallest pack which is also cheap and you can charge your mobile from this system with some LED. Bulbs can also be lit.

There are two types of solar panels mobile battery charger, one mono panel, and the other poly panel the mono panel is the best of these and the panel you are going to get in this solar panel pack is a mono panel only.

To buy this solar system, you do not need to go to any third party app or website, you can buy it directly from the official website of Loom Solar for ₹ 6990, to buy it see here, mobile charger solar panels

What will be found in this pack of the solar system

In this pack, you get a solar panel of 50 watts and solar charger controller of 6 amps, and also a solar battery of 150 watt-hour / 12ah, dc led batten 2 qty

There will be a wire in the solar panel, which will come to your inverter and then from the inverter to the battery, the height of this panel will be 1.4 feet and 2.2 feet.

As soon as you book it, you will get delivery from loom solar company to your address within two to 3 or 4 days.

solar panel installation

  1. For solar panel installation, first of all, place the solar panel on your roof in such a place where there is sunlight from morning to evening, only then it will be able to charge the battery in a better way.
  2. Now put the solar charge controller and the battery inside the room below, now you will get a bundle of wires in this pack, two wires will come out on one end of that wire and there will be a round plug in the other end.
  3. Now the first end in which two wires have come out, there is a socket on the backside of the solar, open the lid of that socket and fit both the wires by looking at plus-minus.
  4. And put the other end in the solar charge controller, where to put the wire of the solar panel in this controller, it will be found written there.
  5. In 1 point of the controller, you have connected the wire of the solar panel, now in the second point, but the battery wire and you have also got two LED bulbs in the pack, then put those bulb wires in the third and fourth point of the solar charge controller.
  6. And then in the fifth point, you plug your mobile charging data cable which is installed in your charger.
  7. When you charge your mobile with electricity, you charge by putting the charger on the board, but to do with solar, you have to remove the data cable attached to the charger and put it in the solar charge controller.

Advantages and disadvantages of making solar power mobile charger


  • There is no electricity during the day and the solar mobile charger can also be used as an emergency charger.
  • It is very easy to make it as compared to making any other mobile charger, anyone can make it, just have the knowledge of positive and negative.
  • The very little electric component is required to make it, whereas on the other way, many electric parts are required to make a mobile solar charger and we also waste a lot of time.
  • It is very light in weight and can be taken with you anywhere and can be stored and charged anywhere during the day in a sunny place.
  • If you want to make a project quickly and show it in percentage, then definitely choose this project because it will be ready by making it in hardly 30 minutes or an hour.

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  • One problem with this is that it is a bit slow as compared to the electric charger.
  • It may cost you a little more money to buy a solar panel.
  • We cannot use it during night time.
  • This damage can happen after falling from a very high place.
  • It is useless to use it on the day when the sun will not come out.


How did you like my solar mobile charger method, do tell us through the comment, in which I have told you how to make a solar charger in a very easy way, and also comment us to make any other project, which will be made in front of you quickly. Will be tried thanks.

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