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solar panel stand-Considering the need for electricity, the use of solar energy is increasing in rural and urban areas. People are adopting solar energy to fulfill their needs. The problem of electricity in India is very little for about 8 months, but in the summer season, its requirement increases by about 2 to 3 times. In today’s time, solar energy is fulfilling all the needs, such as excessive power cut of electricity, high electricity bill, low voltage problems, investment options, etc.

Solar energy consists of five main components – 1. Solar Panel, 2. Battery, 3. Inverter, 4. Panel Stand and 5. Installation Equipment. Here you will know the installation process of the solar panel stand. Panel stand is a material made of iron, which is used to install solar panels. In many places, solar panels are used without the help of a panel stand, due to which the solar panel falls in strong wind and at the same time there is an impact on the output of the solar panel. For more information about Panel Stand.

solar panel stand

Solar Panel Stand Installation in 5 Steps

Here are 5 steps for the installation of a panel stand, knowing that you can also install solar at your home. This installation process is Do It Yourself (DIY).

Step 1: Inspection of the Installation Area

solar panel stand

The installation area means irrigating the place where you want to install the solar panels. In this process the direction of the Sun (East – South – West), Shadow Free Area which is about 10 ft. Must have, Rooftop to Power Distribution Area, etc.

Note: If you want to install solar power at your home, office, school, hospital, factory, etc., then you should do this step before buying solar.

Step 2: Fitting the solar Panel Stand to the Leg

solar panel stand

Panel stand consists of three main parts – 1. Small leg, 2. Large leg, and 3. Channel. In this step, the front and back of the panel stand will be placed on the smaller and longer legs in the installation area. All four panels will keep the U area of the stand facing outwards in one direction.

Step 3: Fitting the Channel to the Leg

solar panel stand

Now keep the U area of both the panels stand channel in the same direction and keep its mounting holes in the upward direction. Now with the help of a nut and bolt, we will tighten the leg and channel.

Step 4: Connecting the Solar Panel to the Stand

Here we are going to install solar panels for single inverter batteries. 180W solar panels are available in the market in India, whose mounting hole is 750 * 650 mm. solar 180-watt solar panel whose mounting hole: 750 * 650 mm as well as other solar companies like
This solar panel stand is made of a universal design that will fit with the panels of any solar company.

Step 5: Connecting Solar Panel to MC4

Now the solar panel will be connected as per the requirement. If we have installed solar panels to charge the battery here, then we do a parallel connection to the solar panel.

When the parallel connection is made to the solar panel, the power increases and the voltage remains equal. This is shown in the photo.


With the help of this blog, you can now install your own solar panel stand at your home. This article is very useful for both solar installers and electricians. By following the above steps, you can save both time and energy.

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