Top 10 Android Apps that you must have on your phone

Top 10 Android Apps

Top 10 Android Apps: Hello Friends In today’s article, we have brought for you the Top 10 Android Apps which must be on your Smart Phone, which helps you a lot.

In today’s time, all people use Smart Phones and also keep many apps on their phones, but the Android Apps that we are going to tell you about today must be on your Smart Phone so that you will get a lot more. Help can be found.

So if you do not have any of these Android applications on your smartphone yet, then download and install them. Now let’s talk about these Android applications and their feature benefits

                                Top 10 Android Apps List

01. Truecaller

The most important application for Android Phone is Truecaller, because the phone is used only for making calls, so you will also have a lot of phone calls, so if you install Truecaller on your smartphone then you will get your number. But the information about the incoming Un-known Numbers is available with the help of Truecaller.

Because Truecaller analyzes the calls received on your phone and gives you information about that mobile number, from which you can know which person has called you.

02. Antivirus

Android Phones run on Operating Systems only, due to which there are chances of getting Virus Infected, sometimes due to Virus, the files in your phone stop opening or your smartphone becomes slow.

The reason for this can be Virus, because everyone keeps many social media applications on the phone, in which many links also come. Some of these links are links to Infected or Spam Websites. On opening which Virus comes in your phone.

That’s why you must keep Antivirus on your Smart Phone, you get a lot of Free Antivirus on Playstore, you can install any of them.

If you want our suggestion, then we will suggest AVG Antivirus because we use it personally and the experience till now is also fine.

03. App Lock

Smartphones are always bought by a person for personal use only, but when our relatives or friends meet, and they get our phone, then they start investigating it very well.

Because the phone is personal,  there are many personal things in it,  we should not share with all of us. For this, you should use App Lock Application on your Smart Phone, so that you can put a lock on the installed applications in your phone, and keep your files safe.

04. Video Player

Now if you have a smartphone then it is important that you would also like to listen to movies or songs on it, but sometimes some video files are not supported properly in our phone, due to which it is not good to watch videos.

For this it is necessary that you must keep Video Players in your Smart Phone, it will have two advantages,

 1. Your video will play better and you will be able to play videos of most formats on your Smart Phone.

2. If you download Dual Audio Movie like Hollywood Movie in Hindi and English then normally playing it in English only and you have no option that you can watch it by playing it in Hindi, such Situation Video Players are useful for you because here you also get the facility to change the audio.

According to us MX Player and VLC Media Player are the best for both these tasks.

05. Automatic Call Recorder

This is not a very important application, but if you do business then you will know how important it is to talk to people, but due to being busy many times, we do not pay attention and do not record the call.

That’s why you must keep the Automatic Call Record Application in your phone, so that whenever you talk to someone on a call, automatically that call record will start, which you can take advantage of later.

06. Google Map

If you like to travel, go to new places and explore things, then Google Map is a useful application for you because it gives you two benefits-

1. Find Places: If you have to go to someplace and you do not know the way, then Google Map not only shows you the right way but also tells you the shortcuts so that you can reach your destination quickly.

2. Share your Location: If you have gone for a walk with friends or family, and you get separated from them or one member gets separated, then you will easily reach him through Location Sharing, so that even if that place is new for you. Yes, but your own people will not be able to leave you.

That’s why you must keep Google Maps on your smartphone.

07. Social Media Sites

Today almost all social media sites come with Android applications, when you install these applications on your smartphone, then at the same time you are asked to log in so that you do not need to log in again and again.

Along with this, Lite Apps of all Social Media Sites also come today, which are very small in size and easily run in any Smart Phones.

08. Payment Applications

Payment Applications Today are the most useful applications for making bill payments so that you neither need cash nor a card to pay at a shop, you can make bill payments from your smartphone itself.

Along with this, even if you want to send or order money to someone, you can do so very easily with these applications.

Today so many good applications have also come which to make payment directly from your bank account. By which you do not even have to do things like put money in the app first and then transfer.

Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay applications are working best in payment applications today. You can use the application in these too or you can use all the applications.

09. Cleaner & Speed ​​Booster

Cleaner & Speed ​​Booster Applications work to increase the speed of clear junk files. Due to which the RAM of your smartphone is affected and your smartphone becomes slow.

Therefore, you must keep Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster Application in your smartphone and use them from time to time so that your smartphone can perform better and you can do your work easily.

10. Browsers

Browser is very important for your smartphone because it not only helps you in searching but it also creates history. By which you keep getting information about what you did when you searched.

Many times we search for something and close it after it is done, but after a while, if we want to open the same website again, then we do not remember which site it was.

Therefore it is very important to have history so that you can easily open the same website again by going to the History section and working.

Chrome Browser and Mozilla Browser are both best for this job. You must keep any one of these two applications on your smartphone.

In Conclusion

In this article, we told you about the Top 10 Android Apps and also told how these applications benefit or how they make your work easier. So you must install these Android Applications and if you liked this information, then definitely share it with your friend.

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