Andrew Beckler : It means everything to me. This is what I worked for, which is why I became an expert.

I wanted to compete with the best in the world, ”said Andrew Beckler. “I am just a grinding machine.

Difficult situations and difficult lessons are my MO. So I’m excited to play in the U.S. Open. I think it will be good for me and for my game. ”

Andrew Beckler began making a name for himself as a Washburn Rural High School champion.

Later in his career at Washburn University, he was named the 2021 D2 National Player of the Year.

He is proud of where he came from. “I like being from Topeka. It's part of what I am, the community has taught me a lot about hard work and hard work and stuff.

Being from Topeka does not mean you can't do great things in the world, ”he said.

And he is not the only Topekan looking east this week. Gary Woodland, who won the US Open back in 2019, joins Beckler in his 12th tour of the title.