Apex Legends Mobile will be launched on May 17, both iOS and Android users will be able to play the game, it will currently be available on Google Play Store,

later the company can also launch it for iOS devices.

There is no information about the launch date of the game, but its pre-registration is definitely indicating its launch soon.

The game is currently only available for pre-registration in India and the Philippines. It will be launched in other countries only

only on the basis of the success of the game in these two countries. Considering the success of Apex Legends on PC / Console,

then people will definitely like the mobile version of the game. You can pre-register this game by visiting Google Play Store.

EA has answered some questions related to the game in a blog post. This game will be free for all. That is, you can play it for free.

However, some cosmetic based micro transactions can be seen in this. Players can make in-game purchases for skins, battle passes, etc.

as in its PC/console version. Cross play between different platforms will be disabled, as this game is specially developed for touch screen devices.