Atlas managed to take the advantage, minimal, but advantage in the end by defeating Pachuca 1-0 in the first leg of the Grand Final

of the Grita México Clausura 2022 of Liga MX . An accurate header by Luis 'Hueso' Reyes in the first half, but at least 5 saves by Vargas,

the crossbar and an incredible mistake by Kevin Álvarez were complicit in the advantage that the Foxes achieved, who also had their options to increase the score

The game was very disputed, there was no clear dominator on the field of play at the Jalisco Stadium and at times the atmosphere

and the setting around the game exceeded what was seen on the field of play. Quiñones sent the first warning but it was not until minute 25

that the zero was broken on the scoreboard. Javier Abella took the ball down the right flank and hit an exact cross at the arrival of 'Hueso' Reyes,

who hit the ball with a sharp tackle to stop Ustari and make it 1-0 over Pachuca. The Tuzos immediately tried to respond

and the first warning was with a stroke to the band by Kevin Álvarez , who entered the area, shot but the ball was deflected by very little from the red and black cabin.

Atlas also showed off his arsenal. First it was Luis Quiñones who let the 2-0 go thanks to a great bailout by Ustari and on the corner kick it

was Furch who could not give his header the right direction and the ball took paint off the right post of the cabin defended by the hidalguenses.