Bebe Rexha is about to release a remix of 'Break My Heart Myself' featuring K-Pop girl band ITZY.

The hit song 'I Got You' first left with Travis Barker last year, but after teasing fans on social media that ITZY had put their songs in a remix, Bebe shared that.

Releasing an eight-second clip featuring songs by band members Yeji and Ryujin, the pop star wrote the caption: "Coming soon. #ItzyXBebe #BreakMyHeartMyself."

He then joked: "You did it. Thank you #StayTuned (sic)" Yeji and Ryujin performed the song award as part of the Studio Choom series MIX and MAX on YouTube.

Bebe then wrote on Twitter: “Let's find @ ITZYofficial in a remix of break my heart myself !!!! (sic) "

'Break My Heart Myself' is out of Bebe's second album, 'Better Mistakes', released last May. The 32-year-old singer revealed that he changed the album after his parents caught COVID-19.

He said: "Living in it for a year and a half, it was very painful and very frustrating. It all sounded the same and when I clung to it during the coronavirus,

it was like, 'This requires a dance song.' ' Then I said, 'I have to quit or the album will be completely different from the original.'