Beyoncé is back with her new song "Break My Soul," which is also a song of Great Erase.

The song is about quitting your job and finding new inspiration, something many have been doing for the past year.

It also reinforces the Great Depression as part of today's popular culture. Beyoncé has officially signed to resign.

His new song, "Break My Soul," has been announced as the song of the Great Depression - and marks a cultural change.

The music icon - a sample rapper Big Freedia - sings: "I just quit my job / I'll get a new drive / Damn they work hard for me / Work at nine o'clock

Then after five o'clock." Work interrupts him - and "that's why I can't sleep at night."

Like millions of Americans who have left their jobs in almost all records year-round, Beyoncé never completely abandons the idea of work.

. Instead, he is "looking for" inspiration "and a" new foundation "- something that has strengthened many American