Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords‘ are the word phrases, typically four or more words, that customers use on search engines to find information related to you, your product or service.


Tags are the words that describe the information contained in your blog.  As an example, the tags for a blog on making handmade soap at home can be – homemade soap

Meta Description

A meta description should be appealing enough to generate click-throughs from the search engine page to the blog.

Blogging Category

Creating blogging categories makes it becomes easier for readers to scroll to posts that are of interest to them. On our website, for instance,

Anchor Texts

Well-written blogs are informative, engaging pieces of content. One of the tips for effective blog writing is to include

Blogging Schedule

A blogging schedule refers to the frequency of publishing blog posts. Publishing fresh content on fixed days of the week


Permalink is the URL of each blog post. The permalink is an indicator for search engines of the information contained in your blog.


Vlog refers to blogs that are primarily video-based. With a simple smartphone, you can record, edit, and upload a video on your website and social media page.