Mariduena wore Blue Beetle's iconic costume while working on the set of the upcoming movie.

At one point, the Cobra Kai cast member removed his helmet while being assisted by several cast members

The original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett or Garret, was introduced to comic book readers in 1939.

Ted Kord, later made his debut in 1966, and the current version of the character, Jaime Reyes, was introduced in 2006.

The Reyes version of Blue Beetle has subsequently appeared in numerous animated programs centered on the characters from the DC Comics universe.

Jaren Brandt Bartlett previously portrayed the superhero during an episode of the tenth season of Smallville, which aired in 2011.

Development on the live-action Blue Beetle film began in 2018, when it was announced that the project was actively being worked on.

Angel Manuel Soto signed on to direct the feature last year, when Mariduena was announced as its star

Several other cast members, including George Lopez and Susan Sarandon, were confirmed to be appearing earlier this year.

Raoul Trujillo previously signed on to play one of the film's main villains, Carapax the Indestructible Man.

The movie will mark the first time that a hero of Latino descent will be the focus of a major motion picture.

Blue Beetle was initially developed as an HBO Max exclusive film and was planned to be released on the streaming platform.