Camila Cabello did an excellent job before the UEFA Champions League final this weekend

clean in the introduction ... but the exact opposite of what was going on outside. The singer was nominated for the opening show

at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis north of Paris - where Real Madrid faced Liverpool in a major tournament between Europe's top football teams

fans of the game should see it. they longed to see. That could be real, because tons of potential players were out of the field just before the start of the game

while Camila was making her gig - and trying to get in any way needed ... many of them jumping on the gates and running. - log in securely.

Some of these videos are really crazy - people climb on each other and risk everything just to get a chance to get inside.

It is not clear if these are the people who bought the tickets and were turned away, or they are simply thugs trying to take them for free.

In any case, the police and guards who were there were not ... spraying peppers with people who were trying to speed up the gates and were not backing down.

There are reports (and videos) of children being beaten with tear gas.