Many people may not remember it, but Chris Evans was one of the first Marvel films. This was back before the MCU was named

and he became the famous Captain America. Evans originally appeared in Fantastic 4, in which he replaced Johnny Storm,

known as the Human Torch. He repeated the same role in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

However, this was a long time before Disney and Marvel teamed up to really deliver some of the best films ever made

Evans is currently on his Lightyear promotional tour, and is being asked a number of questions, including whether he will ever return as MCU Johnny Storm.

When asked the same question, Evans said, “God, would that not be wonderful? Wouldn't that be wonderful? ”

which delves into multiverse and MCU topics. This led to Evans being asked about resuming his role, even in different places. He added,

“No, no one has ever come to me for that. I mean I don't look the same anymore. That was 15,

almost 20 years ago. My God, I am old. But I really like that character, but I guess… isn't that what they are doing now with Fantastic Four?