Before this serial, which aired on Sony channel for the first time in 1997, there were many crime shows on TV,

but watching the CID show directed by BP Singh became the most famous crime show in its time.

Why was it closed after 21 years? Who will investigate it? Something is wrong, pity! Let us play the role of ACP Pradyumna and find out what 'messed up'.

Even though the producers of this show announced the closure of CID, but according to Dayanand Shetty,

the talk of closing the show was going on for about two years already. He told that Sony channel was engaged for two years to shut down the show,

but he did not want to be held responsible for it and therefore wanted the producers to shut it down themselves.

He said, "Our show used to air on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Gradually Sony stopped airing on Fridays. He gave the reason behind doing this that the TRP of this show is not coming.

Whereas according to Dayanand Shetty, the condition of the show was fine as compared to other shows of Sony. In terms of TRP,

Maybe by some other name, in a different way, it can also come on the lines of a web series, but at the moment nothing can be said for sure.

He told that talks are going on between the creative team of the show and the producers.