Colin Kaepernick got his tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders but has yet to be signed by any NFL team this upcoming season.

Whether he gets it or not to return to the league for the first time since 2016 remains to be seen,

but one person who thinks he deserves to be shot by Hall of Fame linebacker and former San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary.

Singletary, who was sacked by the 49ers before signing Kaepernick, told Outkick 360 he hoped a social activist

would be shot to see if he could still play in the NFL. "I hope so," said Singletary. “I think a young man should be given a chance to play.

I think he was really misunderstood. I think he did something, the decision he made to stand,

and I'm not sure that's what it was in the beginning. But people took it and did something I think it was not.

And the young man is not playing. And that's what he likes to do. And I think that some boys play that they have done very bad things. ”