The Colorado Avalanche did not apply today, and are already in the air in Edmonton to prepare

for the 3rd and 4th Western Conference finals Saturday and Monday against the Oilers.

Last night's game is still a work of art in my eyes, and today Jared Bednar admitted

it was one of "the best test games we've ever played." Nathan MacKinnon had 11 shots on goal,

while Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl had five combined. I was not in the media at DIA this morning,

and I know many of you are wondering about Darcy Kuemper's condition. A reporter in hand asked, as soon as Bednar was found, "How is Darcy?"

The question should have been, "Is there a chance Darcy can play tomorrow if necessary?

I'm not sure the answer would have been different, but it would have forced the right answer perhaps