Video from last night's Netflix Is A Joke event shows a man charging onto the stage and leaping on the star,

 before getting to his feet and evading the panicked security as he fled offstage.

Jamie Foxx, who was watching the show from the wings of the Hollywood Bowl wearing a sheriff's hat, rushed to help detain the attacker,

 who was then reportedly subjected to punches and kicks from Chappelle's security once he was caught.

Conflicting reports indicate the suspect may have been armed with a gun and a knife but this has not been confirmed by Los Angeles police

Chappelle, who last year sparked outrage in the trans community with controversial comments in a Netflix show,

 appeared to be uninjured and continued with his set, joking: 'It was a trans man

He also added as he picked up the microphone following the attack: 'I am going to kill that n****.'

Chris Rock, who performed later in the event last night and was similarly subjected to a violent outburst

 on stage at the Oscars in March, came on stage and joked: 'Was that Will Smith?