Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert are artists, so it is reasonable to expect that their upcoming wedding will be amazing.

"I can't say the names right now, but I've asked a few people to sing at the wedding and they've made a commitment,"

Hough, 37, told PEOPLE at the 4th Annual Critics Choice Real TV Awards. Los Angeles Sunday.

"So it 's going to be a full celebration - I'm very happy about it."

A Dancing with the Stars judge and his fiancée announced their wedding on June 2,

although a real proposal took place earlier that time for Hough's birthday.

And since that involved boarding a helicopter and a switcheroo that saw Erbert think he had surprised Hough - he found out he was asking a question

it seems safe to say that the couple will pull out all the stops now as you plan. their marriage together.