Dina Asher-Smith is heading to the World Championships next month with a final victory under her belt after winning the 20-meter Diamond League in Stockholm.

The world champion in the face, clocked a time of 22.37 seconds, which was half a thousand seconds ahead of Switzerland's Mujinga Kambundji.

It was his last race ahead of next month's World Championships in Eugene, where he will try to defend the title he won in Doha three years ago and advance to the 100m silver.

Asher-Smith was beaten by the British 100m by Daryll Neita in Manchester on Saturday. On Thursday in Sweden,

Reece Prescod ran 10.15 seconds and finished in second place behind Akani Simbine in the 100m.

Keely Hodgkinson, who is expected to challenge Athing Mu of the United States for gold in Eugene next month, came second in the 800m.

The 20-year-old ran a time of 58.18 seconds but was beaten by Kenya's Mary Moraa. "It was tough, everyone was trying to run in one place. I gave it my all,

you did better than me, but I'm sure we'll run in the World Champs again," said Hodgkinson. "I came to Stockholm last year, it was a really good building for the Olympics,