Elsa Hosk has broken her diet and health secrets for pedestrians. He says he is not afraid to have a cheating date just once.

"If you exercise like us, you will go crazy not having a cheating day. I have to do it to make up my mind. I'm not a big fan of things

because when I start doing that, I just want to. pizza, I'm going to eat pizza. If I want to have a burger, I'll do that. "

Elsa Hosk has unveiled some of her favorite hiking exercises. He indicated that he was going to exercise on a lower body. "I like to do squats.

You can do them everywhere, especially if you only have a few minutes." Those squats pay off obviously, as they have amazing legs.

Elsa Hosk tells pedestrians what their favorite cardio workout is. Hosk says he is an avid runner. "I was running a lot,

which is one of my favorites because it clears my head and meditates a lot."

Elsa Hosk says she eats healthy. She outlined some of her priorities in her pedestrian interview. "I try to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

My diet includes vitamins and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, grains and fibrous as well as plant-based proteins."