Emma Talley often hits her left foot with her putter. It is not hard enough to break a toe. Just enough to exhale a little smoke,

 accompanied by "Gosh, dang it." On Thursday at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship,

a day that had already been difficult at any level in the Congressional’s Blue Course,

"It was a terrible accident," said Talley, who said the team may have been weak over time. Although Rule 4.1a (2) states

Talley became very strong when he hit his foot with a putter after missing a short putt in the sixth hole and damaged his club.

that whatever the cause of the damage, the injured club may be deemed fit for the entire round,

Talley instead removed his 58-degree wedge to replace him. Former U.S. Champion The Women’s Amateur

and NCAA played her last four holes in 3 overs, finishing 6-over-78. Tears flow during and after the cycle.