Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is officially named Vibin ', and if so, it brings a colorful, party atmosphere to its new news music and map locations.

On the east coast, you will see two new areas to explore: Rave Cave and Reality Falls.

These Biomes include large mushrooms that you can fall into, as well as waterfalls and exotic trees to communicate with.

The tallest tree is called the Reality Tree and it thrives in full bloom, spreading Reality Seed Pods throughout the island.

If you take the seeds and plant them, Reality Sapling will grow. If you grow up, you will be rewarded for robbery.

The more often the plant is uprooted, the better the spoils. Yes, you can get Mythic weapons this way.

Before the game, you can now use animals as stars. If you see a wolf or a pig, see if you can catch a ride. Ballers are also back

due to the re-emergence of the Screwballer amusement park ride. Ballers are healthier than before, can float in the water, and operate on batteries,