LIV Golf continues to ruffle the feathers of longtime PGA Tour pros, and one legend can't help but take shots at the Saudi-backed event.

On Thursday, Fred Couples jumped on Twitter and once again took aim at LIV. I love how Couples keep tearing up LIV. He previously blasted the tour and its CEO

and commissioner Greg Norman. "All these guys think they're changing the game, and to me it's comical, it's really comical.

To have music on every T-shirt and have people drink beer and think it's cool. I never thought that the actors and the crew that would do it would be the guys doing it."

Couples further stated that he has developed strong bonds with players such as Dustin Johnson and And here's what he had to say about Norman:

"And I have a funny feeling. I know where this is coming from, and it's coming from their leader that nobody likes for 25 years. And that's not a bad thing,

that's just—that's the truth.But he's doing a tour that he says is incredible." Couples, 62, was a fan favorite during his playing days.

The opinion of the 1992 Masters champion carries a lot of weight. And he throws it around to crush Norman and LIV repeatedly.