The real name of Gama Pehalwan born in Amritsar was Ghulam Mohammad. Walid was also a player of indigenous wrestling. As such the initial training was done at home itself.

He fought his first wrestling at the age of 10. For the first time, he got discussion from the riot which was organized by the king of Jodhpur in 1890.

. Chhote Ustad Gama had also attended that riot. When the king of Jodhpur saw Gama's agility and exercise, he was stunned.

. He was also fought with some wrestlers. Gama came in the first 15 wrestlers. The king declared Gama the winner. It is said that Gama did not look back from here.

By the time he was 19, Gama had defeated one famous wrestler from India. But there was one name which was taken with great respect in the wrestling field in the country

Karim Baksh Sultani of Gujranwala. This name was still a challenge for Gamma. A wrestling riot was held between the two in Lahore,

and it is said that the whole of Lahore had broken down on that day just to watch the riot. In front of about seven feet high Karim Baksh, Gama, five feet seven inches,

looked like a child. As usual, bets are not made on a new horse. Everyone thought that in a short time Sultani would disturb Gama.