Famous golfer Gary Player is among those speaking on the LIV Golf Tour Although the new LIV Golf Tour, funded by Saudi funds

has met with considerable criticism in the United States, there are others who speak out in support of it.

The actor, who is one of the leading figures in the history of the PGA Tour, believes many do not know what they are talking about.

"A lot of people give a lot of ideas, and they know a lot of hell about something that doesn't exist!" he said

Golfers are disappointed with Gary. "Gary's player recently said the players are there" they need money "they have families ....... hahahaha," said one fan on Twitter.

"Gary Player is bought and paid. Deliberately consolidating the bad things that happen in other countries and violating human rights in Saudi Arabia.

It's a disgrace," said one fan. The "problem" liv is trying to solve says "professional golfers want more money,"

and everything about growing the game is just a result. it’s about money in the players ’pockets, and they don’t care how dirty or functional it is.