Gerard Butler is a household name when it comes to action movies.

Ever since the Scottish actor shouted “This is Sparta” on Zack Snyder’s 300, Butler has been making a variety of plays every year

often with great popularity, publicity, and the success of the box office. However, when it comes to his latest contribution,

Last Seen Alive, it seems unlikely, as the film is being buried despite its June 3 release date.

Last Seen Alive sees Gerard Butler's star as Will, the man who drives his ex-wife Lisa (portrayed by Thor's own Jamie Alexander) across the country.

When Lisa disappears at a gas station, Will grabs her in person to search for a divorced mate

who will confront the local authorities and the criminal under the town. A solid foundation that Gerard Butler's fans will soon see as his past work.

In the trailer (see below) Last Seen Alive will give fans a perfect 90 minutes of action entertainment.