Serena Williams has many fans, including some of the greatest athletes in the world. The 40-year-old star is playing her last US Open

and no one wants to miss the unique opportunity to see her play before she retires.

Serena, who has a 27-year professional tennis career, has been cheered on by many, most recently golf legend Tiger Woods.

The golfer was hosted in Serena's box along with Venus Williams and other family members and friends.

The 46-year-old golf legend and Serena are very good friends and she sought Woods' advice before she retired.

“He's a Tiger and he was adamant that I was an animal just like him! He said, 'Serena, how about you give it two weeks? You don't have to commit to anything.

You just go on the court every day for two weeks and give it your all and see what happens.’ I said, ‘Okay, I think I can do it.’”

.” According to Williams, her decision to retire is to focus on “other things that are important to me.