Today is International Brother’s Day 2022. Brothers Day is celebrated every year on 24th May all over the world.

Brothers Day is celebrated in Asian countries like Australia, Russia, France, Germany, and India and in some European countries.

On this day, send messages, messages and express your love for your brother. By the way, many festivals also come in India to strengthen the relationship of brother and sister.

Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj both strengthen the sacred relationship of brother and sister.

Brother’s relationship is such a sacred relationship given by God that stays together throughout life.

In this relationship, love, quarrel, rumination and persuasion go on, but its thread never weakens.

A brother always has love and concern for his sister and brother. On the other hand, whether sister is with or away,

she keeps on wishing for her brother’s long life, progress, and prosperity. In childhood, I always remember fighting with my brother,