The festival of Easter is the most important and religious festival and celebration of the Greek (Christian) year of worship. According to Christianity, when Jesus was crucified, He was resurrected on the third day.

Since then, Christians celebrate this resurrection as Easter festival and Easter Sunday. Some people also call this festival as Resurrection Day and Resurrection Sunday.

Lord Jesus, the master of Christianity, was born again. The Bible shows that he was buried on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, which is called Easter Sunday, which is said to mean Easter Day.

It is said that there is also historical evidence for this, many people consider it wrong and they say that it is not possible that means no one can live again after death.

Lord Jesus had come to this world only to take the sin of the world, so that there would be no punishment in this world. Man had already received the punishment for sin, but God is merciful, compassion is the treasure

When he created man in his plan, he had already done the punishment for the sin that came through him in the form of Lord Jesus.

It is true that the Lord Jesus lived on earth as a man, conquering all the sins of the world. He did not fall into sin, but he still had to die on the cross because he had taken the sin of the world upon himself.

He who lives in holiness, and in whom there is no sin, does not suffer death, that is, the death of Hell, he rises to the heavenly body after physical death, just as the Lord Jesus rose.