Jack Nicklaus has made it clear where his loyalty lies and where he is with the PGA Tour. The longtime PGA Tour star has reportedly turned down a nine-person LIV Golf award

Nicklaus joined the world of the PGA Tour on Sunday and congratulated Rory McIlroy on his big win.

He wrote on Twitter, "Nice win today @RoryMcIlroy! 2nd @RBCCanadianOpen. Something I can't even get over once. Congratulations, Rory-well done! -Jack."

Golf fans are thrilled to hear from Jack. "The idea is personal," said one fan on Twitter. "Suddenly Jack!" Another fan mocked.

One fan said, "The only person who cared about Schwartzel's victory was Schwartzel, everyone at the Canadian Open

and watching it on television didn't think about the wallet, but rather enjoyed the best players competing in national tournaments." Were."

"When this old world gets me down, a good tweet from Best to Rory lifts me up!" Added a follower.

Rory is also excited about their post-tour talks. It was a great weekend on the PGA Tour.