Opportunities stemming from Jaylen Brown's unique contract negotiated in October 2019. There were a number of individual contracts in this contract (games played, NBA awards)

) and the impetus initiated by the team's success (winning regular season, winning playoff rounds.). According to BobPN Marks of ESPN,

Brown's biggest incentive for the rest is $ 964,286 by winning the NBA Finals. That will come in addition to his $ 25.3 million annual salary.

The Celtics currently stand at just $ 358,000 below the luxury tax line, which has given Boston enough pillows to avoid taxes that prevent anything short of winning the NBA Finals

Brown's contract contract compensation. However, Boston will enter the fray by defeating the Warriors, missing out on $ 11 million in paying non-taxable teams a year

for most of the big money in the tax area between the Nets and the Warriors. Apparently the Celtics have left this kind of room for design

by designing their strategies in February during the deadline. Needless to say, club ownership would be happy to pay a few extra dollars right now

to secure Boston winning its first NBA title since 2008. Brown's contract is not the only one for the Celtics with many contracts involved based on how Boston performed in the NBA Finals.

next season increased by $ 5 million after the Celtics reached the NBA finals and that total could be increased by another $ 8 million if Boston finally beat the Warriors next month.

Brown’s cap number will once again grow next season based on the team’s success so far in the postseason that changes the number of potential benefits.