Joe Jonas is opening up about what he is feeling as he gets ready to welcome his second child into the world.

It’s always fun to follow the life of a celebrity, even if we don’t want to admit it. There is something that draws people to the life,

the game, and the travels of celebrities, especially when they reflect our lives in some way. When celebrities become parents,

they can be seen as very close to everyone, and we can see them as “human beings,” and this is especially true as they share those moments of change in life,

such as expanding their family. Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas Brothers, talks about his feelings for being a father

for the second time. His wife, Sophie Turner, is pregnant with their second child. Joe and Sophie kept their pregnancies and children private,

so we rarely hear about their lives. Joe said you never really know what to expect and that you are just as happy to have this second child.

He also said that he is not as “scared” as he was for the first time, and this is something most parents can understand.