From a fun-filled childhood to achieving his dreams, former American Idol hopeful Kenedi Anderson has already lived a full life - and is still young.

“Having a big family has helped me a lot. I am one of six children and the second child, ”revealed the singer during a test of season 20 of the singing competition series,

which aired on April 2022. He added,“ We are all very close, but we are over. much together. Everyone in my family is an athlete, and I am the singer. ”

The pianist, who surprised all three judges with his performance of Lady Gaga's song "Applause" - in which he sang and accompanied the piano

shocked everyone and decided to leave the show with only four episodes. Longtime broadcaster Ryan Seacrest announced his departure later that month,

noting that they did not have Anderson's voting information because he was no longer a candidate. On the other hand, Anderson followed the next day with a statement via Instagram.

“For my own reasons, I can't continue with American Idol. This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made, but I know they are needed, ”he wrote at the time.

“I am very grateful to American Idol, the judges, the producers, the amazing contestants, and all the fans who supported me.

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to share my voice, pursue my dreams, feel happier and happier doing what I love, and make lifelong friends along the way. ”