Kevin Costner seems to know a thing or two about Westerners, or at least by making Western-related films. Between that style and baseball,

we have a lot of acting and director work involved. And his next directing effort will coincide with other films he has helped so far.

Although this may differ from previous attempts in one very different category: length. Variety reports that Kevin Costner's Horizon could be such a deep and expanding story

that it will not be included in just one movie. In fact, two people may not do it. Costner suggests or perhaps hopes the film will end up in four parts

parts and may be more than 10 hours long. According to Kevin Costner of Variety, Horizon will be a huge hit as four different films

"all connect" and the director calls them "proverbial" than anything else. The Horizon log line claims to cover a 15-year period in which the United States grew

and settled the Western frontier in the post-Civil War period. The flick will tell the story not only of the immigrants

who came to this strange place but also of the natives who already live there. Costner also gave a clue as to how great the play was when he said they played 170 different speaking roles.