Kevin Na by reassuring his former PGA Tour colleague that he will not miss him now has decided to quit and join the LIV International Series.

Na confirmed at the weekend that he had "resigned from the PGA Tour",

and the bitter rival Murray rushed to social media to assure Na "he will not miss it".

The two, both former PGA Tour winners, began a disagreement on Twitter in January,

when Murray responded to a tweet from Golf Channel's Chantel McCabe. In a tweet, McCabe wrote: "Kevin Na walks on putt not worn out."

Murray's stern response, looking at his opponent's slow play, stated: "Kevin Na takes 3 minutes to put them to old age."

Na replied: “Losing the cut is getting old!” and a beautiful old Twitter spade was created.

The controversy escalated four months later at the Mexico Open, where, according to Murray, Na, who is still out of the Twitter conversation

insulting her with obscene language during a practice session that included a lot of swearing,