According to the city's CMRI hospital, Indian singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, known by the stage name KK, died in Kolkata on Tuesday night.

Just hours before his death on May 31, the acclaimed 53-year-old singer at Nazururu Mancha, the venue for the Sir Gurudas Mahabidia Raya University in the city of Kolkata in eastern India.

Kunas' work as a playback singer is a singer whose songs have been pre-recorded for use in the film, lending his voice to hundreds of hindiwood films and making him nationally

and throughout the Diaspora. I made it famous. After releasing his first solo album Pal in 1999, he became a popular name.

Compliments to the deceased singer, including from the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, began to appear on social media

as soon as news of his death was reported. "Sad about the premature death of the famous singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, commonly known as KK.

His songs reflected a wide range of emotions and appealed to people of all ages. We always remember him through his songs. Condolences to his family and fans.

Homme Shanti, "said Modi. Akshay Kumar, an Indian actor, said in a tweet: What a loss! Homme Shanti. "Why so early, KK, why? But you left a treasure trove of playlists. A very difficult night.