Kyrie Irving has been given the green light from the Brooklyn Nets to pursue signing and trading, he will definitely have a place of his choice in mind.

One person inside the NBA has an idea of where that might be. According to Sam Amick of The Athletic,

Irving is believed to be trying to impersonate the Los Angeles Lakers. According to the report, LeBron James may be open to the idea.

LeBron and Kyrie were teammates at the Cleveland Cavaliers for three seasons and won the NBA title together.

But while LeBron won titles before and after being associated with Kyrie, Kyrie did not do the same. "There are sources very close to the situation

that strongly believe that Irving is trying to get to the Lakers ... The impression I get is that LeBron James is very open to this idea, but the flexibility is soft as well."

It could be difficult for the Lakers to make a Kyrie deal without giving up big compensation. A player like Russell Westbrook or Anthony Davis may be needed to close the deal.

The fact that the Nets and Kyrie no longer want to continue together does not mean that the Nets will just give him up for nothing.